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The philosophy behind Local Laundry has always been about promoting and building our communities. We believe that people should be proud of where they come from and help make it better. We want to encourage communities by supporting local causes that matter to Calgarians.

That's why 10% of our profits will always go back into the community to support causes that our customers believe in to build a stronger community and help those in need. Here are some of the ways that we give back and are building community:

Monthly Donation
Each month 10% of our monthly profits go back to a local charity. Charities are chosen by you, yes you. You may recall that each time you make a purchase from our online store we ask you who you think we should donate 10% of our monthly profits too. If you forgot or perhaps don't's a link to go find out ;) Every time a charity is chosen, we put all of the nominations into a randomizer and a charity is selected at random to donate to. As a team, we contact the charity, share with them they are the consumers choice for the charity of the month and schedule a time to meet with them and donate!

Once a year each of our team members is allowed to select his or her own charity to donate towards. So far this year, Briare has selected to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Kathleen selected the Foothills Country Hospice

Start-up & Beers Networking Events
Every three months we throw a business networking event for local entrepreneurs and business owners. To attend the event each person pays $10 dollars. Upon RSVP'ing to the event, each attendee is required to fill out who he or she wants to nominate for a charity to donate the evening's donations to. We narrow down the votes to three charities. When attendees arrive at the event we ask which charity out of the three selected they would like to nominate, and the charity with the highest number of votes receives this donation. At our last Start-up & Beers event, we donated $400 to Grow Calgary.

Charitable Collaborations
You all know we love to collaborate, that's a given, but what you might not know is we often incorporate a charity into the mix. During our collaboration with Lululemon, we donated to Kids Up Front, proceeds of our collaboration beer with Brewsters went to Comries Sports Equipment Bank and our upcoming project with Cibo, we will be contributing donations to The Alex

Monthly Silent Auction Charities
We love supporting charity auctions and getting involved with local events. We're always willing to work with companies and charities to supply merchandise for fundraisers, giveaways and supply donations. Every month we donate to 5 silent auctions to help to support the charity, event and local business. So far, we've donated to EducationMatters, Tribe of Lambs Fundraiser, Well Spring Charity Golf Tournament, and Boobyball!

Volunteer Events 

Every quarter we try to engage our partners and our customers to come out and volunteer with us. We'll organize the event, work out all the details with the cause and charity, all you gotta do is show up and lend a hand! We'll even reward you for your efforts with swag and extremely juicy discount codes. Our next one is September 23rd, 2017 in Calgary with Believe in The Gold, Run for Childhood Cancer, check out their website to sign up!

Traveling Sweater Campaign 
The Traveling Sweater Campaign aims to give back to local communities and residents through random acts of kindness. Our goal with the #CommunityCrew is to inject more love, joy, and kindness between communities, businesses, and people. The Traveling Sweater Campaign incorporates a charitable donation by donating the #CommunityCrew at the end of each campaign. Collectively the participants of the campaign choose a charity and the sweater gets donated to it. Starting this Fall the Traveling Sweater Campaign will visit a new city each month with a new charity for the #CommunityCrew to be donated to. 

For a more in depth report on how we give back take a look at our Community Impact Report - Folding the Laundry for more details

If you are someone you know are looking to collaborate, have a charity to nominate or would like to find out ways to get involved drop us a line! 

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