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FL - CIR #2

Local Laundry: Folding Laundry - Community Impact Report   Holy moly where has the time gone?! It’s been over three months since our last community impact report and we are excited to share with you the impacts we’ve made in the Calgary community and the impact people and companies have made on us. It’s been an incredible journey thus far and we wouldn’t be where we are without the amazing participation of our beloved supporters, influencers and local business owners. We’ve said it before, but sometimes it’s still overwhelming to us that people want to share and take part in the dream that is Local Laundry. It’s amazing to see the outpour of love, kindness and support for Local Laundry....

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FL - CIR #1

Local Laundry: Folding Laundry - Community Impact Report One of our goals when we first began Local Laundry was to build community and impact people. We felt a greater urge to celebrate Calgary communities and embrace the local residents that make up our beautiful city. Local Laundry was started as a way for people to come together and represent where they come from and showcase whom they are. We didn’t want to do this by ourselves though; we wanted to involve as many people in every way possible as we could. By involving as many groups of people we could have better opportunities to help our communities shine and grow. This community impact report will show you each month how...

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