FL - CIR #2

Local Laundry: Folding Laundry - Community Impact Report


Holy moly where has the time gone?! It’s been over three months since our last community impact report and we are excited to share with you the impacts we’ve made in the Calgary community and the impact people and companies have made on us. It’s been an incredible journey thus far and we wouldn’t be where we are without the amazing participation of our beloved supporters, influencers and local business owners. We’ve said it before, but sometimes it’s still overwhelming to us that people want to share and take part in the dream that is Local Laundry. It’s amazing to see the outpour of love, kindness and support for Local Laundry. We love that people want to get involved, get in with the community and and get into a little trouble with us and we can’t thank everyone enough.

So let’s dive into it. It’s clear to see that collaborations have exploded and more and more companies and people are reaching out to collaborate - I mean who doesn’t love a photo shoot?! Over the last three months we have collaborated with Kindred Thrift, Simply Polished, Food by Maria, Lululemon, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, TreeEra, Timberline Alpine Academy, Rosso Coffee, Calgary Heritage Coffee Roasters, Meraki Supply Co., The Clothing Bar, Raw Eatery & Market, Spud, No.9-5, Blink Lashes YYC, Ivory hours, Leaving Thomas, Village Closet, Tom’s House of Pizza, U of C Calgary Dinos basketball team and Brewsters. Collaborations have been an unreal way to meet and network with the people of YYC and learn more about how they are doing business while impacting communities and making a difference.


With collaborations, guest blogs typically go hand in hand. Guest blogging is great way for entrepreneurs or business owners to get their messages out, connect with readers and build their online presence. Recently our guest blogs included Creative Nobility, Sam Malach-Verlaan, Sam Brown, The Beer Guys , Lola Kutcher, Lisa Rothwell, Calgary Heritage Roasting Co., Cupcakes & Curls, Meraki Supply Co., Andrea Michelussi & AMM Style, Studio C&G + Teatime Circus, Tom’s House of Pizza and XX Balm. Reading and learning about why other inhabitants of Calgary love Calgary and why they spend their days grinding it out and making their mark in the city is remarkable. We love reading the guest blog tales and stories of growth, entrepreneurship and just why they love Calgary and the communities and people it houses.

Collaborations and creating stunning and aesthetically appealing content for viewers wouldn’t be possible without amazing photographers. Capturing the beautiful moments and telling visual stories has been done beautifully the photographers we have been so fortunate to work with. Some of the photographers we have had the pleasure of collaborating with over the last couple of months are Janet Davie, Tegan Dutton, Taysa Jorge, Jesse Tamayo, Megan Rutkowski, Wyatt Bronson, Zach Vanterve, Free Life Photography, Simply Modern Marketing, Tanner Strachan, Brittany Sackschewsky, Chelsea Broda and Justin Vanleeuwen.

Collaborations are fool proof with our Local Laundry formula; collaborations = kickass photographer + amazing community builders + BABES! Big thank you to our models who gave us their best blue steel and Instagram worthy poses to give us the best looking Instagram page! Some of the models we had out at our photoshoot collaborations included Nicole Little, Lindsey Brown, Rebecca Frederick, Amanda Dillabou, Claire Davie, Mark Bolger, Jon Tramble, Jon Lau, Lindsey Keans, Zandra, Sean Monahan, Style Concept Blog by Elena, Andrea Michelussi, Cassie Hawrysh, Made by Jemily, Lauren Grebinski, Ali Magee, Andréa Margarita, Claire Davie, Lucy Edwards, Briare Crawford, Katie Cellars, Sam Malach-Verlaan, Greg Coulas, Muna Moons, Ashley Ostridge, Victoria Szczesna, Reece Torode, Cole Torode, Davey Gravy, Kim, Rita Michaud, Bryton Udy, Annika Odegard, Sam Weerasekera, Emilie Fish, Lucy Skjarstad, DJ White Light, Kayla Zabot, Rebecca Zeran, Matthew Kendal, Sean Briggadoni and Suzy Kendrick.


It’s unreal to witness not only community participation but media attention and articles written about us and other companies who are putting efforts back into the community. Some of the places we have been featured in over the past few months include Branded Magazine, Local Drop, Dote Blog, Metro, Calgary Herald gift guide and Narcity.

Last but definitely not least the most important impact we’ve put efforts towards is our monthly charitable donations. Each month we donate 10 per cent off our monthly profits to a charity of our consumers choice. Since September the charities we have donated to include: AARCS, Drop in Clothes donations 50 sweaters ($2000 dollars worth of clothing), Christmas Volunteer opportunity, #LoveYYC Contest - Children’s Cancer Care, Women in Need, Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids and KidSport!


So to recap we’ve got charities, models, photographers, writers, collaborators and suppliers. One of the biggest questions we receive from customers is where can we find you stuff? We are elated to inform people Local Laundry swag can be found at The Sporting Life, The Clothing Bar, Stuff 4 Him, Meraki Supply Co., Steeling Home and Lukes Drug Mart. If you’re in Banff find us in the Canadian Fashion Experience and if you’re in Edmonton find us in Red Ribbon Boutique!

From the beginning we want to create impact and give back to charity with a goal of donating 1 million dollars. So far to date we have donated Total we’ve donate about $7018; $5018 in cash and $2000 in clothing

Don’t think we are doing enough to build community? Think there are areas that we could be doing better? Want to get involved somehow? Give us a shout at info@locallaundryapparel.com


Connor, Dustin, Briare and Kathleen