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Calgary, Alberta

A Note from LYNDSAY

"One of my favourite memories as a child was when my mom would take in a large bag of film to get developed. I know that if I waited patiently, soon those rolls of film would magically turn into pictures that I could hold and memories I could relive time and time again. I was ten years old when I got my first camera, the photos were not perfect and were mostly blurry but that didn’t stop me from snapping pictures around our home growing up. For years I treated this as a hobby with no training or schooling and it wasn’t until I was 23 that I looked at it as a career. 

My photography style tends to be laid-back and casual. I love shooting candidly where I can take more of a documentary approach, and let moments happen naturally. For the most part I give my clients just a little bit of direction so that I can capture real and natural emotion between loved ones. Nurturing moments, and letting them progress naturally is what is missing from the modern photography industry, documentary photography is what makes images last a lifetime. I do prefer natural light while shooting but I’m also well adapted to shooting in most lighting situations, however harsh they may be. With eight years of shooting weddings, you learn quickly to be on the ball and roll with the punches as moments on a wedding day happen quick and are too often fleeting. Like most things in life moments can pass right by you if you are not paying attention to them and it’s hard to relive any experience as it happens.

 Photography is an opportunity to freeze time in a single frame so that you may look back fondly at certain moments in your life."

~ Lyndsay Greenwood

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