YEG Traveling Sweater Campaign

Hey Hey LL fam! We're stoked you're joining us for our Monday evening blog. Tonight we shed some light on and are talking about our recent Traveling Sweater Campaign taking place with our neighbour north of us, Edmonton! Keep scrollin' to find out who's been involved in the campaign, a little bit about each participant and their impact in their community! Read, and enjoy.

Let's dive into it!

When we first decided we wanted to launch a #CommunityCrew in another city we reached out to our pal Chelsea, who was the make-up artist in one of our Edmonton collaborations with Caramia Caramels. You may also be familiar with Chelsea because she guest blogged for LL a couple months back! Click to read her beautiful words here. For those of you not familiar with our Traveling Sweater Campaign, it aims to evoke community spirit and support between local citizens and our neighbours. As an effort to ignite stories of life in your city, inspire and motivate community residents, the Traveling Sweater looks to give back to people within the community through random acts of kindness.

We are now challenging those around us to create impact in their community and city! 

The Traveling Sweater Campaign kicked off in Calgary back in May, and now our goal is to launch #CommunityCrew's in cities across Canada. Edmonton happens to be number two. So sit back, relax and scroll through our latest Edmonton Traveling Sweater participants...these babes are pretty damn amazing!

Here we go!

Here is an overview of each of the nominees. It all started by us nominating miss Chelsea Glasow...

Chelsea, owner of Allure Beauty By Chelsea, a make-up artist, and lash technician and occasional blogger! Chelsea started her business when she was 19... clueless and all. A year and a half later my lash clientele is built I'm i'm busy wedding season from May to September! Chelsea does what she loves everyday. Chelsea resides in Sturgeon county/St.Albert. For her random act of kindness, Chelsea took the sweater with her to work everyday and to my after work activities and bought a couple flowers! The #CommunityCrew was the best to snuggle in for movie nights.

Chelsea nominated...

Photos by Sara Jewell Photography

TC Mai, owner of Mai Makeup. TC is an internationally published model and makeup artist!

For our third participant, TC nominated...

Glenda Decasa a local Edmonton blogger who loves to travel around the world and uncover hidden gems! From beautiful hotels to must-try restaurants, there's nothing that excites her more than finding something unique in each spot! Glenda not only blogs about travel, fashion, and style but she is also a girl boss, owning her own business as a creative director helping other passionate bloggers find their voice through one on one consultations.

Residing in the southside of Edmonton, The Traveling Sweater was with her everywhere she went. Granted, it was a hot weather during that week so she wrapped it around her waist as she visited some murals from Rust Magic in downtown. The Traveling Sweater also went with her as she first tried out a new Japanese Resturant called Takami Sushi where she devoured fresh fish from Japan. To spread a random act of kindness, she took the initiative to purchase 4 cookies from Tim Hortons (very Canadian of her!) on her way to her office in downtown and randomly gave them out to 4 people who were in need of a smile. They say smiling is contagious, so what's best to spread a smile first thing in the morning?! 
From here, Glenda nominated...
Sydnie, owner of Sincerely Sydnie, a local fashion and lifestyle blogger!
Our next participant, Sydnie nominated...
Lisa a 26-year-old writer living in Southeast Edmonton. Lisa recently completed her English degree at the University of Alberta, and works for a cosmetic company writing blog posts, marketing material, and giving our customers a peak inside our company through social media. When Lisa is feeling ambitious she writes a fashion blog called Late and Underdressed, and when she's feeling a little less ambitious she posts ootd photos to her Instagram account of the same name!
During Lisa's time with the Travelling Sweater, I interviewed a few local celebs (just kidding, they were mostly Lisa's friends) to get an idea of why they think Edmonton is such a great place to live, and how they connect with their local communities. There was a general consensus that the river valley is pretty friggin’ awesome, but we also heard about the city’s diversity from the co-chair of the Edmonton Pride Festival Society, and Edmonton’s small city feel from a civil engineer. On Day 2 Lisa took our followers on a trip around Lisa's local. Lisa toured some of her favourite places around the city, like Louise McKinney Park, Gama Cafe, and Bamboo Ballroom, because she wanted to show how varied communities can be even within the same city. 
Being a writer, Lisa has a great respect for language and the power words can hold over people. A salty text message can ruin your day, but a compliment can make you stand taller, be bolder, and even strut a little on your walk into work. So for her random act of kindness, her friend Alyssa and she wrote little notes of encouragement—things like “you have a big, beautiful brain” and “keep on keeping’ on, you ray of the sunshine, you"—and slipped them into books at a local library! 
From here Lisa nominated...
Zoraa Luta, an Edmonton fashion and lifestyle blogger who has a zest for adventure, a love for fashion & travel, and who is a kick-ass girl boss! 
Zora nominated our current participant...
Camille Maclean, a local blogger who styles her life in the most authentic way possible to showcase her love for streetwear culture and hip-hop, as well as a way to document her creative projects and travel destinations! Camille lives on the southside of Edmonton and covered a local streetwear shop ANNMS who was hosting a pop-up event, The Notorious Nineties where they pay homage to the golden era of hip-hop. At the popup were local vendors WAVYISH and The Come Up, both vintage restock brands. Camille rocked the #CommunityCrew at the event and at her day job! For her random act of kindness, Camille bought a coffee from Tim Hortons for a person who was lined up behind her in the drive-thru!
Stay tuned to our Instagram story to see who gets nominated next!



With the outpour of amazing comments, emails, and messages we have decided to make our Traveling Sweater Campaign an ongoing campaign in, not only Calgary but other cities across Canada. Currently, we have a YEG #CommunityCrew making its way through Edmonton, check in on our Instagram story to see where it's at next! 

Stay tuned for more updates about our Traveling Sweater Campaign on our social media and newsletter!


If you or someone you know wants to get involved in our Traveling Sweater Campaign please drop us an email at Catch ya next week YYC!