To say that we like to collaborate would be an understatement, we LOVE it. In 2018 we met Holly Singer, founder of Milk Jar Candle Company. Milk Jar is an amazing brand that creates handcrafted, wood-wick, soy-based candles in Calgary.

Not only does Milk Jar donate $1 from every candle sold to a non-profit organization supporting children with disabilities, but customers can return their empty milk jars to be reused. We can’t say enough good things about Holly Singer and the team that makes up Milk Jar Candle Co. We like Milk Jar so much we often refer to them as our ‘sister company’. 

When we met Holly back in 2018 we collaborated on our first candle, Sweater Weather, that was comprised of a scent good enough to eat - maple butter! From cozying up beside the fireplace to wrapping yourself in a blanket enjoying a good book, Sweater Weather created a maple-infused space celebrating everything about Canadian winters. 

Since the success of Sweater Weather, mainly witnessed by the obsession our team took on, we figured might as well come out with a summer candle...enter, Hang Dry. Hang Dry is a ticket to your summer scent. Comprised of juicy watermelon and fresh notes of mint, this subtly sweet, yet empowering scent encompasses endless summer days, backyard cocktails and picnic lunches. 

Milk Jar explains the name Hang Dry came from the nostalgia of summer linens drying the yard, giving each garment a distinct warmth and smell from the summer sun. These elements were combined in hopes of encompassing relaxation mixed with lackadaisical energy we all feel as the days [finally] get warmer.


Collaboration is part of our five pillars of building and supporting the community. We want everything we do to be about the community. Whether that’s sharing stories, representing where you come from or collaborating with other community builders and small businesses, our goal is to use our brand and our Canadian made garments as the vehicle that builds and supports communities. When we collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs and Canadian business owners we are supporting a diversified economy aiding in the employment of Canadian workers and other pieces of the Canadian supply chain. 

If your company would like to collaborate and share a story, not just a logo and use Canadian made products or garments to act as the vehicle to create an impact in your community hit us up here and let’s make some magic!


Learn more about Milk Jar’s story and a deeper dive in the Hang Dry collab candle in Milk Jar’s recent guest blog. 

Pick up your scent for the summer below!