We’re excited to launch our Calgary Flames collaboration t-shirt alongside our friends at the Calgary Flames Foundation. As an ode to the Calgary Flames’ 2020 season, the collaboration t-shirt aims to build community by donating dollars raised from the t-shirt towards the Calgary Flames Foundation.

We aim to build community through everything we do. Every time we collaborate through our Partnership Program we always incorporate a giveback component. We’re thrilled to be able to donate $15 from every Calgary Flames collaboration t-shirt back to the Calgary Flames Foundation. 


The design of the t-shirt is intending to be bold, athletic and appealing to all ages with a sleek, cool design. By utilizing Canadian manufacturing, production and warehousing, the Flames collaboration t-shirt supports a diversified Canadian economy. The Flames collaboration t-shirt embodies both the Flames Foundation and Local Laundry core values of investing in community support. 

Since the start of COVID-19, the Calgary Flames Foundation distributed $1.4 million to 25 groups and charities through their Community Support Program. Since the beginning of the COVID19 outbreak, the Calgary Flames Foundation has delivered essential, critical and incredible services to those in need. Some charities receiving support from the Calgary Flames Foundation’s Community Support Program have included STARS, the Mustard Seed, Drop-In Centre, The Alex and CUPS. And the Calgary Counselling Centre, Canadian Mental Health Association, and Meals on Wheels. The Calgary Flames Foundation has directed funds from the Community Support Program to charities in Calgary helping community programs get back on the ground. #UnitedbyCommunity, the Calgary Flames Foundation, aims to support recovering and rebuilding the city’s charitable programs. 


Our Calgary Flames collab t-shirt embodies our values to build and support the community with the spirit to empower Canadians to represent where they come from. Flames collab t-shirts will be available for order until for a limited time as long as supplies last. The collaboration t-shirt is a 50/50 polyester cotton blend available exclusively in red for the time being. Designed by local Calgarian, Erin Lawrence, the Canadian made Flames collab t-shirt is in collaboration with The Calgary Flames and the Calgary Flames Foundation. Secure your t-shirt and pay homage to the retro Flames colours brought back to support the 2020 season! 

Erin Lawrence, designer of the Flames collab t-shirt explains, “the design focuses on community as it's the core of both organizations. Working with and supporting a broad range of initiatives, both companies really strive to make a difference and bring people together. Erin further expands stating, “the bold athletic font can appeal to fans of all ages, and the extended "Y" on Community is also reminiscent of a hockey stick!"

One of the many benefits of manufacturing entirely here in Canada is that we get to support getting Canadians back to work in a safe and responsible working environment. All necessary safety precautions are being taken. When you buy a piece of Canadian-made clothing you are not only supporting Canadian small business, but you are single-handedly supporting every Canadian small business in their supply chain. Which, in our case, includes many family-owned and operated businesses across the country that are doing their best to keep their employees on staff and support a diversified Canadian economy. 

A portion of the collab t-shirt sales will continue to support charities and groups in Calgary impacted by the pandemic. Order your limited edition Flames community t-shirt today. Keep your laundry local, and support Canadian made gear. If you have any questions, concerns, rude remarks or just feel like having a chat shoot us an email at info@locallaundry.ca!

Stay safe fam and go Flames go! 

  • The Local Laundry gang