How to Support Local Small Business Owners Right From Your Couch 

Navigating the uncertainty of our world during this time is clearly on everyone’s mind, especially your local small business owners. As a small business ourselves, we want to highlight some of the community builders around us and bring awareness to consumers of how you can help. 

Small business owners are responding to changes and creating new normals for their brand. The large trend for businesses is to find their community virtually online and reduce the amount of human contact between customers and embracing social distancing and isolation needs. 

Below are local businesses taking a stand and adopting new trends to virtually or from a distance support their customers during this time of fluidity and uncertainty. 


Draft and bottled True Buch Kombucha is available on True Buch’s website with free delivery for YYC residents. We all know we’re trying to keep our immune systems on fleek, so let's load up on probiotics and keep those bellies happy. 



School’s out and we know those kiddos need fully caffeinated parents to get the job done. Coffee companies like Five’21 Coffee Roasters are roasting and delivering straight to your doorsteps on-the-daily (YYC only). Y’all can order online and have that caffeine kick within 24 hours. 





Now that we’re living that self-isolation life we’ve got a lot more time on our hands. Why not get that sweat on right from your own living room?! Tom Clifford is giving free access to his Lawless Health app and will get you (virtually) set up on a home program. Completely complimentary for the next two weeks. And guys, if Tom Clifford isn’t a reason enough to join we don’t know what is. The guys’ ripped...and he’s Australian - we feel like that’s important to note. ;) 


As the guys from Rviita Energy Tea like to say “keep calm and sip on.” The fact that Rviita is offering free deliveries on all local orders is definitely helping keep us calm. PLUS Rviita is adding free midnight samples so we can rest easy getting our quarantine and chill on. 



Stay connected to your sweat family - we know it’s hard to be separated from your crew who you shred, crunch, spin and downward dog with. Core Spin Club is among some of the incredible fitness studios taking to the gram’ to show some killer home bodyweight workouts to keep you in shape for when we can be one-meter apart again. 


Those doggos need to eat too, right!? Doodle Dogs is offering free delivery over $50 in YYC and $5 delivery for all orders under. Get your raw, dry or anything in on Doodle Dog’s online store. Your doggos won’t go without during this period of social isolation now that Doodle Dog’s got your back! 


The funniest gals on IG have temporarily closed their storefront - but you can find them online. Looking for retail therapy? Liz & Lottie has you covered! Peruse through a range of products including apparel, jewellery, greeting cards, baby products and home goods. Not only are you supporting Liz & Lottie, but you’re also supporting many of the local businesses that make up this incredible brand. Plus, they are offering FREE SHIPPING ONLINE to help soothe the COVID blues.



Pinnovate knows your kids need activities to not only occupy their time but also keep them out of trouble. Enter DIY delivery straight to your doorstep... try saying that 5 times fast. Pinnovate will deliver all the DIY supplies you need for your home projects and even teach you how to bring your creation to life through their online tutorials. Check out Pinnovate’s website for more details on your house-made DIY kits! 


Anyone else loving the words "contact-free delivery?!" We are! Pump up that immune system and reduce anxiety with delicious flavours from our pals from Wild Tea Kombucha. Wild Tea Kombucha is supplying us with free shipping when you spend $25 and a whole whack of other juicy deals! 

This list only shows a fraction of local companies asking for customers’ support and delivering quality products and services to support us through these times of uncertainty. Share out others who are doing the same thing!

Tune in daily on our Instagram story and weekly on our blog where we highlight local businesses and community builders around us that are reimagining their new normals. 

Stay local fam and remember, WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ❤️

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