Ryders Crew 2.0 - an update from Kodette LaBarbera

Last April, in honour of Autism Awareness Month, we teamed up with the lovely Kodette LaBarbera to create a custom collaboration crewneck in support of her son Ryder and the community that surrounds him. Our collaboration was such a success, we jumped at the opportunity to do it again. We're excited to announce Ryder's Crew 2.0, available in black and new this year, blue the official colour of autism awareness. $25 from each crew will be donated to Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary (AAFS).

To see what Kodette and her isolation crew are during to keep busy during quarantine, continue scrolling.

Guest blog written by Kodette LaBarbera

This year is looking a little different for us. We are usually busy all over the city raising funds and awareness for our favourite cause, the Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary (AAFS). We are thankful though for the power of online support! 

Ryder has been handling the quarantine life with so much grace. He is taking it day by day, with some days being a little harder. He really misses school and all of his friends. He is quite the social guy. Between school and all our neighbourhood hangouts, he is usually surrounded by so many people who love him. About once a day he asks Jason (my husband) and I who misses him - haha!! He likes to make sure he is missed too. We have done a few drive-bys of his friend's houses to say hi from a distance, but we definitely need to do it more.  

Ryder's brother Easton wearing his new navy blue Ryder Crew!

Ryder is getting his school work done. I’m not smarter than a 5th grader, so it has been more challenging for me. We are fortunate that his EA has been able to help us online. While we know how to navigate autism in our home life, we really don’t know how to apply tools in a school setting. Shout-out to all the families who are also struggling at home right now. I feel for you. Especially when you’re missing out on all the services from therapy right now. I can’t imagine losing all that from when we were in the home programs. Google therapy tools to use at home, hang in there and don’t be too hard on yourself. 

We are loving all this extra time with Ryder though. He has really shown us his personality in the last few weeks. Easton (Ryder's brother) is having a great time with his brother, and I think it is some of the most bonding they have ever done. It has been amazing to watch them grow together. 

Ryder and his Mommabear

Even though we were a bit delayed due to COVID-19 and shipping, we are SO happy to launch the Ryder’s Crew again through Local Laundry. They have been such amazing supporters of our journey and we are very grateful for this partnership. We are offering it in the black again, and now a navy blue! We are loving this new blue addition!!

Purchase Ryder's Crew 2.0 Autism Awareness Sweater HERE!

Proceeds will go back to our favourite Autism centre in Calgary who provide so much support for people on the spectrum. Check out their website… they are always up to so much good and all things FUN!

Ryder and his dad Jason LaBarbera 

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