Local YYC Holiday Coffee Guide

It's time for another guest blog from our friend and well-caffineated, Calgary coffee connoisseur, Tyler Hagan, content creator from the Bloom Coffee. Tyler talks about delicious holiday beverages and treats and exactly where to find em.

I love the holiday season!

And here in Calgary, there is so much to enjoy this time of the year. You can check out the Zoo Lights, go ice skating at Olympic Plaza, enjoy winter in the mountains, or go shopping for Christmas gifts at any of the local markets that pop up around this time of year.

One of my favourite markets that happens every year is Market Collective. It's three weekends of live music, interactive workshops, galleries, food and beverages. In total there are over 150 local vendors to discover. And maybe it shouldn't come as a shock that one of my favourite vendors at Market Collective is Local Laundry.

Back in August, I had the chance to do a feature with Local Laundry to share more about some of my favourite summer drinks from some of my favourite Calgary coffee shops. I am excited this December to collaborate once again with Connor and Dustin to share this time about some of my favourite holiday drinks from some of my favourite Calgary coffee shops. I had a chance recently to connect up with them again, snap some pics, and enjoy some more coffee. These guys love this city and love their coffee.

Photo by Bence Horvai of Focus Wave Co.

So as you’re out and about in the coming weeks make sure to plan a visit to these great places to grab a drink! And definitely make sure to check out the Local Laundry team at Market Collective. They will be there on weekend two (Dec. 13 to 15) and weekend three (Dec. 20 to 22). Make sure to stop by and grab some sweet made in Canada gear.

Euphoria Cafe

Web: www.euphoriacafe.ca  
Instagram: @euphoriacafe

Image borrowed from @euphoriacafe Instagram

Holiday Drink: MOB Gingerbread Honey Latte (Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, MOB raw honey)

This drink evokes all the wonder of the holidays with these incredible warming spices. Complimented by the addition MOB honey — a local YYC honey company — this latte is a unique holiday drink that is sweet, with a little bit of heat and one you’ll definitely want to experience.

Euphoria Café is located in the Varsity Heights neighbourhood of N.W. Calgary. They recently re-located to a gorgeous new building that’s bright and airy. There is plenty of free parking available, lots of seating, free Wi-Fi and outlets so you can get your work done. Euphoria quickly became my second office when I moved to Calgary five years ago. It’s a great place.

Monogram Coffee

Web: www.monogramcoffee.com
Instagram: @monogramco

Image borrowed from @monogramco Instagram

Holiday Drink: Eggnog Latte

This is my go-to eggnog latte every year. Made with eggnog from D Dutchman Dairy in Sicamous B.C. (they seriously produce some of the best dairy products), it’s a rich and decadent drink that is always a crowd-pleaser. To top it off Monogram garnishes the drink with freshly grated nutmeg from The Silk Road Spice Merchant right here in Calgary. 

Monogram has three locations in the city: Downtown on 5th Ave, Britannia and Altadore. Each has its own unique charm that reflects the neighbourhood they call home. The Britannia and Altadore locations even offer have free parking. Both locations serve up this delicious eggnog latte so pick whichever is closest to you and go enjoy this tasty drink.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee

Web: www.philsebastian.com
Instagram: @philandseb

Image from @thebloom.coffee Instagram

Holiday Drink: Spiced Dulce Latte

This holiday drink features a gingery spiced chai with dulce and a double-shot of espresso. Phil & Sebastian say it tastes just like a ginger snap cookie… I totally agree with them. The extra little kick from the ginger and chai was well balanced and gave this drink that warmth that would be expected.

Phil & Sebastian have seven locations spread out around Calgary. I especially love visiting their Simmons Building location (the one closest to my house.) What I love about the Simmons Building location is that when you place your order, the barista then makes your drink right in front of your eyes. They’re the one that pulls the shot, steams the milk and serves it to you. This is such a unique experience that they offer. I love this attention to detail and incredible customer service.

Analog Coffee

Web: www.analogcoffee.ca 
Instagram: @analogcoffeeyyc

Image from @analogcoffeeyyc Instagram Account

Holiday Treat: Premium Hand-Made Chocolates

Ok, so technically this final entry isn’t a Holiday Drink… but who doesn’t love chocolate?! These delectable holiday treats were created locally here in Calgary by Nicole Buckton from Those Chocolates and are each infused with Analog Coffee. Pretty sure this is what they call a match made in heaven! The three chocolates are:

  • White Chocolate Almond – Toasted almond pralines caramelized with chocolate infused with El Salvador Mambo #5 Natural Processed Coffee, in a dark chocolate shell.
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel – Godfather (Med Roast) Espresso caramel with a thin layer of espresso milk and chocolate ganache, in a dark chocolate shell.
  • Dark Chocolate Lemon – 64% dark chocolate ganache with a thin layer of lemon ganache, both infused with Ethiopian Limu Fully Washed Coffee in a dark chocolate shell.

These chocolates are available for $15 for a box of six. Analog has six locations throughout the city. Their flagship 17th Ave. location is my personal favourite and is open late every night. So even though this one isn’t a coffee drink there was NO WAY I was going to pass up the chance to feature coffee-infused chocolates.

Photo by Bence Horvai of Focus Wave Co.

Ok, so there you have it! The holiday season is here, but as we know it doesn’t last forever and that means these drinks won’t be around forever either. So bundle up, grab your friends and loved ones and enjoy these incredible holiday coffee creations! 

If you have any questions about the coffee community here in Calgary feel free to connect with me. There are so many more amazing cafes and coffee roasters here in this city, these were just four that I felt were offering unique holiday drink creations that I felt you need to know about.

Happy Holidays!

Stay caffeinated,

-- Tyler