Calgary Coffee Connoisseur and Content Creator talks COFFEE!

Coffee. Calgary. Caffeine. Creative Content. Our favourite "C" words and just some of the words that can be used to describe this Thursday's guest blog. Tyler Hagan, Chief Coffee Drinker, blogger and content curator from The Bloom Coffee talks delicious summer cold brews and where to find them. Go ahead. Treat yo' self.

The coffee scene in Calgary has never been better!

Now I realize that’s quite the bold statement to make, but I truly believe that those who call this beautiful city home have never had a greater selection of café’s, roasters and coffee-related events to enjoy like what is available right now! Whether you love to visit your neighbourhood café on the weekend, or you’ve got a go-to place each morning on your way to work, coffee is something that works its way into the rhythms of all of our lives. 

So who am I to say all of this?

My name is Tyler Hagan and I am the Chief Coffee Drinker & Content Curator over at, a blog devoted to specialty coffee, based locally here in Calgary. This passion project of mine has been up and running since June 2018 but my love for coffee began long before then. I believe that people deserve to drink good coffee. And I hope that through people will discover all that this city has to offer. 

Tyler Hagan, Chief Coffee Drinker at The Bloom Coffee

So speaking of all this city has to offer, I wanted to share with Local Laundry readers a number of amazing coffee shops in Calgary that I firmly believe are must-visit places this summer. With lots of sunshine and warmer weather comes a lot more time to connect for a cup of coffee (hot or cold). So whatever your favourite drink is, here are a few places you need to visit. 

Photo by @extremecoffeefreak taken from @sxfcoffee's Instagram

Sought x Found
Instagram: @sxfcoffee

They may be one of Calgary’s newest cafes & roasters, but they sure know what they’re doing! Caleb and Kitty are husband & wife team that have a clear passion for coffee and a real love for people. The customer service here is second-to-none. What’s really neat is that you can see their two San Franciscan Roasters right there in the back half of the cafe. They roast in very small batches (which ensures a very high quality) and offer their beans for retail on site. What’s great is that there is ample FREE parking in the gravel lot behind the cafe! This alone makes this place worth a visit.

My summer drink suggestion: Fizzy Cold Brew (Carbonated Cold Brew)

Photo from from Instagram @calgaryheritageroastingco

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company
Instagram: @calgaryheritageroastingco

Located in the historic C.C. Snowdon building, this new café opened up this past June and is full of local history, and is absolutely gorgeous! The brain-child of Mike Wenzlawe & Jamie Parker, these two former wildland firefighters, have created something truly stunning and unlike any other café in the city. I had the opportunity to get a tour a few weeks ago and I can see what all the hype is all about. Pull up to the tables made from actual 100-year-old floorboards from the previous basement and sip on a hand-crafted drink made from their baristas.

My summer drink suggestion: Iced Latte (Espresso & chilled whole milk) .

Photo from Instagram @monogramco

Monogram Coffee
Instagram: @monogramco

Certainly one of the big names in coffee in Calgary. Monogram is what happens when three major names in the Calgary coffee scene venture into doing their own thing with their own beans and multiple locations. Jeremy Ho, Ben Put, and Justin Eyford have done everything right in making a name for themselves in Calgary. Their 5th Ave downtown location offers a free tasting experience the last Monday of every month at Noon. Their Altadore café offers soft-serve “concretes” using Made By Marcus ice cream. All café’s have an incredible drink selection and create amazing seasonal offerings. 

My summer drink suggestion: Cold Brew Palmer (Iced Tea, Cold Brew, Fresh Orange & Lemon Juice).

Photo courtesy of Phil & Seb's Instagram

Phil & Sebastian Coffee

A local favourite of many Calgarians! Two U of C Engineers ventured out into the coffee business and have never looked back. From humble Farmers Market beginnings to now what is a globally recognized brand, these cafes are truly a gift to Calgary. Make sure to visit the Simmons Building location in East Village. It’s their Roastery HQ and a great place to people watch. They offer tours (free & paid) as well, which can be found on their website.

My summer drink suggestion: Annex Root Beer Float (Espresso, Annex Root Beer & Cream).

So there you have it! Summer doesn’t seem to last long here in Calgary so get out and enjoy all of these tasty summer drinks at these great local café’s. 

If you have any questions about the coffee community here in Calgary feel free to email me.