Tamper Proof Liquor: Ripshot

Photos by @joseph.roams
The origin story of Ripshot™ is uniquely Canadian. On a warm Canadian summer night, four friends were enjoying a few backyard drinks when one returned with half spilled shot glasses. The conversation quickly turned to frustration as stories were shared about drinks being spilled or tampered with. That night, an embryonic idea for what would become Ripshot was hatched. We have taken what was an honest and compassionate idea to reduce spills and contamination to create the first fully tamperproof shot glass in Canada. As of January 2017, Ripshot™ is Internationally Patent Pending.
The Ripshot™ journey has evolved into something much more as we continue to uncover dangers and shortcomings in the liquor industry. Considering the uniqueness of our product, we felt it was our duty to attempt to mitigate as many of these issues as possible. Today, drink tampering is increasingly prevalent in bars, events, and social gatherings. We have created a shot glass with a hermetically sealed lid to protect against all types of tampering. Crowds are everywhere which makes transporting open drinks back to your friends without spilling near impossible. You can hold Ripshots™ upside down, throw them, or stack them; they’ll go wherever you go.
Here in Canada, a perfect shot glass measures 42.6mL (1.5oz). Since we’re suckers for perfection, we made every Ripshot™ measure 42.6mL perfectly and pour smoothly as you drink. Enjoy as a shot or make a perfect mixed drink. One Ripshot™ is equivalent in alcohol content to a beer or glass of wine. Count your drinks and know exactly what you’re having 100% of the time. Ripshot™ is available in packages of 8 throughout the province of Alberta. Each 8-Pack is approximately the same volume as a mickey and sold for the same price. Ripshot™ is available in premium, gluten-free vodka or premium whiskey aged in charred oak barrels.
Ripshot™ is made in Canada, by Canadians, for Canadians. We have collaborated with Alberta’s best small batch distiller, Highwood Distillers, to create the most premium vodka and whiskey on the market today. Ripshot™ is entirely produced in High River, Alberta and all materials are 100% Canadian made. We have partnered with Alberta’s Beverage Container Management Board and each shot can be returned for $0.10. The environment is important to us and per milliliter, Ripshot™ uses 20% less plastic than similar alternatives. As Canadians, we couldn’t be happier to work with Canadian manufacturers, producers, suppliers and to employ Canadians. Today we celebrate Canada and everything our beautiful country has to offer. Cheers to you, Canada.
Photos by Kevin Stiles