Detoxing After 10 Days of Stampeding

Can we just take a moment to say, congrats; you’ve made it. The light at the end of the mid-way has finally revealed itself and Stampede is packed away for yet another year. How are the ol’ guts feelin’? Liver a little tired? How bout’ those little footsies? Pretty beat up I would say. I love the age-old question and statement following any one to 10 day bender, “Why do I do this to myself? I am NEVER drinking again.” Don’t ever say this statement to the rest of your hooligan friends. Saturday will roll around and one of your best friends, also known as one of your worst friends will say, “Man I thought you weren’t drinking again,” while your mid-swallow of the finest Burt Reynolds National has to offer. The look of disparity will consume you as you mutter, “Nah man I recovered pretty good. Local Laundry put out this blog of things to do to detox after Stampede – so I’m ready to giver again!”

 As much as we don’t, technically, condone binge drinking in massive consumptions. We do feel the need to toss out a few tips on how to cleanse your guts and get you back to feeling normal, well normal-ish. No one is ever-normal post Stampede, no one! Below we’ve featured some of our favourite local companies to get your blood pumpin’ and your upper lip sweatin’ all while you stink up their studios with a lingering scents of beer, wine, whiskey and whatever else made it’s way through your chompers ;)

For the last 10 days, we’re guessing exercise has been the last thing on most people’s minds. Any exercise not including walking the mid way, rippin’ up the dance floor and bicep curling beer can to mouth, has been kicked to the curb, until now. If you haven’t heard of surfing in the city, Studio Revolution is an indoor surf club sure to give your heart and muscles a pump. Time to jump off the bronco, hang up your boots and go surfing in YYC!

Before you hit the 17th Ave scene stop in for a detox CrossFit session at Victoria Park CrossFit. Regain your balance and coordination from workouts that will stimulate your mind and body. But be weary because CrossFit isn’t for the faint of heart; get ready to step out of the box once you step into it! Victoria Park CrossFit is running detox classes all week to encourage Calgarians to regain their regular routines off of the bucking bronco.

It’s getting hot in here so strike a yoga pose! There are many different heated and non-heated yoga studios in the city. Different yoga postures are designed to promote detoxification with spinal twists and poses useful for giving love to your intestines and digestion tracts. One of the places we love, more specifically Kathleen loves, is Hot Shop. The beautiful thing about Hot Shop is that it also offers spin classes – another useful tool for getting your sweat on!

We’re taught to treat our bodies as temples, but right now your body probably feels like a garbage dump, so toxins you gots to hit the dusty trail! Cold pressed juices are all the rage for cleansing and infusing your body with nutritious vitamins and minerals while extracting contaminants. Our favourite cold press juice designed to detox your body hails from Cru Juice. Cru Juice offers many delicious cold pressed drinks, but one of its specialties is Dirty Lemonade. Dirty Lemonade contains an ingredient called bentonite clay. Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, as well as other heavy metals, impurities and chemicals. Dirty Lemonade is your friendly little $10.00 tool to help you remove the pollution setting up camp in your intestines and bring rejuvenation to your body.

Lastly, we want to look out for those little footsies of yours! Strip out of those worn out cowboy boot socks and step into a fresh, clean and crisp pair of mismatched socks from Friday Sock Co. As you trudge back into office life after 10 days of Stampede shenanigans, a pair of cool and funky mismatched socks will definitely serve you right!

Whether you need to detox or not, the above local YYC-loving companies are wonderful options for either jumping on or staying on the health and wellness train. Empowering self-love and motivation for a healthier you tomorrow, Studio Revolution, Victoria Park CrossFit, Hot Shop, Cru Juice and Friday Sock Co are community-based companies built and sustained on Calgarian support.

Stay tuned for next Monday – lattaaaaa YYC!

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