Custom Gear - Yum Bakery

Supporting local has become mainstream in the past few years. From craft beer to farm fresh food and even to Canadian made clothing. People love supporting others in their community and they can see the direct positive impacts that their support has. One of the things I think that doesn’t get enough attention when we talk about supporting local is how much it helps supports the families behind the local businesses.

Yum Bakery is the perfect example of a family run local business. Started by David and Debbie Catling, together they have seven children and everyone helps the family business of baking. On any given day at the Calgary Farmers Market, you can walk by and see the different family members chatting with customers, serving up some of the best fresh baked good you’ve ever seen or tasted. Many of their customers and supporters have been going back for years, watching as their kids grew up from barely being able to see over the counter to managing and running the bakery.

It was these family values and spirit of community that we knew they would make a great partner to collaborate with and get some made in Canada clothing to represent their bakery. We got our local designer, Erin Lawrence, to come up with some concepts for these shirts that help share Yum Bakery’s story. We asked the bakery’s family and team members to come up with some words that best described their baked goods, their business and their community. They came up with “Fun”, “Family”, “Friendly” and “Fresh”. Which we thought was the perfect way to describe what they do and how well they do it.

Borrowing some concepts from their beautiful box packaging as well, Erin came up with a beautiful design that perfectly encapsulates what Yum Bakery is all about. They know that where you buy your clothing from should be just as important as where you buy your bread. Knowing that when you support Canadian made clothing you are supporting families of that business. Buying clothes should be no different than buying baked goods, you know exactly who’s making it, it’s quality, it’s local and it helps support a thriving community.

Head down to the Calgary Farmers Market to check them out and say hi, just don’t be surprised if it turns into a 10-minute conversation and you end up exchanging photos of your kids to one another. You might just see the Canadian made t-shirts we made for them, just don't be surprised if they are covered in a bit of flour from baking.

Also - keep an eye out for some new locations for Yum Bakery popping up across Calgary!

Photos by Caption Photography @captionphotographyyyc