Creator Focus - Austin Knibb and Kazuki Tomoda

Creator Focus - Austin Knibb and Kazuki Tomoda

Local Laundry wouldn't be where it is now without the work and the support of local creators. Their stories are part of Local Laundry's story and we want to share them out as much as we can. Here are the stories of two talented local creators Austin Knibb and Kazuki Tomoda, as told by them.


Austin Knibb and Kazuki Tomoda met through social media on one of Local Laundry’s Instagram posts. Then in January, Kazuki hosted his first Creatives meet up where the two photographers toured around Calgary and capture what the city has to offer.

Local Laundry has helped them both grow as content creators and has given them a chance to work with the brand. Local Laundry has created a community where creatives, like Austin and Kazuki, are able to express their photography while showcasing the minimalist clothing from Local Laundry. This has been an important platform that both Austin and Kazuki, as well as Local Laundry are able to benefit from.

Austin’s passion for content creation came from wanting to preserve memories in photographs that people could cherish and be happy with. Everyone loves a good picture of themselves but often have a hard time getting them. Austin’s life had been no different. To create pictures or videos that people are excited about is his goal and that is what keeps him going. If his work can inspire even one person to go out and create, then his job is done. His end goal as a content creator is to create for himself and not get caught up in the numbers which many people worry about. Austin has created promotional material for many companies, which is some of his favourite forms of photography and videography. If he can share his gift with others he believes his passion is fulfilled.

Kazuki’s passion for content creation came from the enjoyment of making memories and creating that sense of joy when people see their photos. He enjoys working with local startups and small businesses to help them grow by speaking through their content. Kazuki started photography back in 2008 in Kelowna, BC. He got his first kit camera, Nikon D5200, and started to teach himself over the years to become the content creator he is today. While still wielding the same camera, but soon due for an upgrade, he still has the same fire in his eyes when he gets the opportunity to make content whether it is for himself or for someone else through video, photo or both.

The end goal for both of these photographers is to find a job in the field where they can film and photograph interesting people, products and places to further their craft. They each enjoy meeting new people and sharing their stories through their content. They both believe that creating life long and sustainable connections also provide better futures for themselves and the people around them.

Follow them both at @lostandfoundinlife and @austinknibb

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