Creating Custom Corporate Clothing That People Actually Want to Wear: The Local Laundry Approach

At Local Laundry, we take pride in creating custom corporate clothing that not only looks great but also reflects our clients' values and mission.

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working with ATB Financial, and together, we've come up with the perfect approach to making corporate clothing that people actually want to wear.

The first step to creating the perfect garment is to start with a high-quality, Canadian-made sweater.

We prefer to use a soft and comfortable organic cotton bamboo blend. Like our Bamboo Fleece Hoodie. This material is not only comfortable but also sustainable, making it a great choice for corporate clothing.

When it comes to design, we work closely with our clients design team to help them create unique designs that tell a story and reflect their brand's values.

For ATB Financial, they created a Pride design that not only celebrates Pride Month but also reflects their commitment to diversity and inclusion. We were even honored to win a RDG Planning & Design Social Good and Design Award in 2022 for this design.

Check out the Alberta Pride Garment we created together with ATB.

Adding your company logo to the garment is important, but it shouldn't overpower the design. That's why we recommend adding your logo in a subtle and unique way, like a custom woven label. This not only highlights your partnership with us but also adds a unique touch to the garment.

At Local Laundry, we believe in creating corporate clothing that people actually want to wear. We believe in supporting small businesses, promoting sustainable manufacturing, and making clothing that reflects our clients' values. Let's stop creating cheap, low-quality clothing that nobody wants to wear and that ends up in landfills.

Instead, let's focus on creating high-quality clothing that not only looks great but also makes people proud to wear. If you're looking to create the perfect garment for your corporate audience, let us help you. Together, we can create something that your team will love to wear and that reflects your brand's mission and values.

If you are interested in creating your own custom corporate clothing for your team, clients, customers or community feel free to email us at or check our Custom Garments page for more details.