Why We Made This - The CBC Proudly Made in Canada Collaboration Crew

Made here - CBC and Local Laundry

Since we decided to make the switch to Canadian made, we've been looking for other organizations that share our values of building community and supporting all things made in Canada. So when the opportunity arose to work with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) we jumped! Because to many of us Canadians, there is nothing more Canadian than the CBC!

Local Laundry is a fan of the CBC, especially of its programming here in Calgary (shoutout to David Gray and Angela Knight from the Eyeopener). We wanted to show our support and help promote Canadian broadcasting with Canadian made garments, so we joined forces with CBC to launch some officially licensed Canadian made merchandise!

Printed on our classic Canadian made 50/50 Cotton Polyester blend, we decided on to go with our most popular colour crew, maroon. We included some Local Laundry flare, so in addition to the print of the iconic CBC gem on the front left, we added our own “Proudly Made in Canada by Local Laundry” design on the back, which we introduced last spring. Take a peek here! 


We’ve had some great reception and feedback from the crewneck so far. Calgary legend Andrew Phung from the hit CBC show “Kim’s Convenience” was seen rocking his crewneck on “Because News," the top-rated comedy podcast in Canada with more than a million-plus listeners per week. We've only launched one colour and design so far but if you like it, we’ll continue to add more! 

A portion of the proceeds from the CBC merchandise will go right back into supporting Canadian broadcasting. So not only are you supporting Canadian made garments when you purchase this collaboration crewneck, but you're also supporting Canadian made content! 

You can expect some fun contests and social partnerships with the CBC Calgary like this photo scavenger hunt we did on #LoveYYC day!

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Let us know what you think or what you want to see next from Local Laundry!

Check out the CBC Proudly Made in Canada Crewneck here!