Canadian Made - by Rachel Antony

What's up Local Laundry fam?! We have a very special guest blog from one of our favourite YYC bloggers, Rachel Antony of Frankly Ray, a lifestyle blog! On the blog, Rachel is chatting about the importance of Canadian made products and her latest obsession with our newest Local Collection line! Keep scrolling, reading and enjoying!

Let's dive into it!

The holiday season is the time to be thankful for everything you have; the people in your life, the roof over your head and the beautiful country that you live in. I’m a native Calgarian and have grown up with the mountains in my backyard, to me, that’s Canada. Even now when I’m driving, I love the moments when the mountains are so clear and bright that you just want to cancel your whole day and drive out there.

I try my best to keep my Christmas gifts local, not only are there some amazing artisans out there but it’s good to keep our own economy healthy. We all know how important it is to show our city some love especially when times are tough. If you’ve been following me for awhile you’ll know my love for Local Laundry and their mission behind the brand. I brought the sweater out to the mountains because that’s what Canada is to me.

The Local Laundry sweater that I’m wearing is the perfect representation of what it means to be Canadian Made. When you purchase a Local Laundry ‘Local Crewneck,’you’re purchasing a product that was 100% designed and produced on Canadian soil, helping revive the Canadian apparel industry, creating jobs, and lowering the carbon footprint of fashion. Their Local Collection is designed to show the importance of keeping things local and buying Canadian made products.

Canadian made and super cozy? I’m always in. Buy yours here.

Photos by Deanna Antony

xx Ray 

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Tune in next week to see what we have on the blog! If you or someone you know would like to be a guest blogger on our blog drop us a line! Chat at chaaa next week Canada - stay local!