Milk Jar Candles x Local Laundry

Warmth & Craft: The Made in Canada 'Sweater Weather' Candle Story

We teamed up with the renowned candle maker, Milk Jar Candle, for a memorable Made in Canada collaboration. Introducing "Sweater Weather", a cozy milk jar infused with the delectable aroma of maple butter. It evoked memories of snuggling in big, comfy knits and Made in Canada sweaters.

This collaboration was a testament to our shared commitment to Canadian craftsmanship and community. "Sweater Weather" wasn't just a candle; it was a tribute to our beautiful nation and all it embodies. From its iconic imagery to the heartwarming scent of maple butter, this collaboration showcased the best of two high-quality brands coming together. Truly, "Sweater Weather" was one of the finest Made in Canada candles we've ever had the pleasure to introduce.

About Milk Jar:
Milk Jar Candles, founded by Holly Singer in 2016, began as a passion project in her kitchen with a mission to offer clean-burning, fragrant candles and give back to the community. Inspired by a friendship and connection to Cerebral Palsy, Holly aimed to support programs that would fostering learning and growth. Fast forward six years, Milk Jar is not just a renowned name in Calgary for its exceptional, plant-based candles, but also for championing inclusive employment and supporting non-profits advocating for inclusion and safety. Today, while continuing its legacy of crafting candles, Milk Jar has diversified into reed diffusers and fragrances, standing as a proud emblem of Canadian apothecary with distributors nationwide.

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