Custom Garments

Telling a Story, Not Just Printing A Logo

Looking for custom Canadian made garments of 100 or more for your business, organization, team, clients or employees? We want to help you go above and beyond just printing your logo on to a shirt. Send us a message for more details!

ATB Brightside

As a way to build Community even further, we want to help other organizations share their stories and efforts to make a positive impact on their community. We love getting into trouble with other community-focused businesses or organizations and we'd love to collaborate any way we can and help you create some custom gear with us. 

By getting a local artist from the community to create a design that tells the story of your business or organization and its values, rather than just printing a logo on to gear, we can help share the story that makes your business or organization so great. No logos, no company names, but instead a custom, one of a kind piece that people will actually want to wear and want to tell people about your story. 

Made in Canada

All our gear is Made in Canada, so by making custom gear with us, you'll actually be telling your story of supporting other local small businesses, supporting Canadian manufacturing and a diversified Canadian economy. 

Don't think of us as manufacturer but as a marketing partner

We don't just stop when we give you your finished custom garments, we want to help share out your story with our community and tell everyone all the great things your business and team are doing. We'll push out the garments on our website, social media, have you write a guest blog or be on our podcast to share your story behind wanting to create these garments. You only have to pay for the costs of the shirts, shipping, and taxes!

If you need content creation, we'll help find you a local photographer or videographer who charges a reasonable rate.

Yum Bakery

Giving Back To The Community

As all things Local Laundry, we want to build Community in everything that we do, even when we make custom gear. For every story we share about a business or organization through custom gear we always have a charitable donation portion to the collaboration. Whether you want to set up a volunteer opportunity with your team or customers or donate a portion of the gear back to a local charity which we would happily match!

Check out this Kodette LaBarbera Collaboration where we raised over $5,000 to Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary

Is there any benefit to organizing a custom run of garments for my organization or team?

  • Absolutely! If you are organizing a team or company order, we'll give you a $100 gift card to our store once the order goes into production that you can use to treat yourself to anything on our store!

What are the order minimums?

  • Minimum order for custom gear is 50 units of the same style if you have a design or logo you would like to print or embroider, 100 units of the same style if you would like to use our design team to create a unique design that shares a story. There are no maximums.

What Canadian made garments do you offer? 

  • We can do a wide range of Canadian made products from T-shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, Long sleeves, Kids Gear, toques, hats etc. 

Are there any hidden costs with production, design or marketing? 

  • Nope! We take care of all the costs including, custom design creation, production, logistics, and marketing the garments on our website, social media, have you write a guest blog or be on our podcast to share your story behind wanting to create these garments. You only have to pay for the costs of the shirts, shipping, and taxes!
  • If you need content creation, we'll help find you a local photographer or videographer who charges a reasonable rate.

How does custom designs work?

  • If you want to work with us to create a unique custom design for your garments we take a $500 non-refundable design deposit that helps cover the cost of our graphic designer. Not to worry, once the garments go into production the $500 will be taken off the final invoice. 
  • You send us some inspiration or ideas of what you envision the design will look like or what you want the story to be and we'll create some rough concepts that we'll refine and work on together until we have something we are both proud of. 
  • All our custom designs will follow our Local Laundry design rules, keep it clean, crisp and simple. Less is always more. 
  • Local Laundry maintains the rights to all working and vectorized files of the design in order to retain control over what the design gets printed on. We don't want one of our designs printed on anything that's not Canadian made. 

How long will it take to produce custom garments? 

  • Because we cut, sew, knit and print all of our garments from scratch here in Canada they take some time. If you want us to help create the design with you, this phase is about 1-3 weeks depending on comments and feedback.
  • The production can additional 4-6 weeks for production and then 3-5 business days for shipping. If you have your own design it will be faster! 
  • We require a 50% production deposit on the gear before we place it into production and then the remainder of the payment upon delivery. 

What are the pricing for each style of Canadian made garment

  • 50/50 Cotton Polyesters T-shirts - $30
  • 50/50 Cotton Polyester Crewneck Sweater - $50
  • 50/50 Cotton Polyester Crewneck Hoodie - $55
  • 50/50 Cotton Polyester Crewneck Zip-Up Hoodie - $60
  • Marled Crewneck Sweater - $60
  • Bamboo Organic Cotton T-shirts - $35
  • Bamboo Organic Cotton Crewneck Sweater - $65
  • Bamboo Organic Cotton Zip-Up Hoodie - $85
  • Toques - $30
  • Snapback and Baseball Hats - $30
  • For full colours and options feel free to reach out and we can send you more information!

Is there a way to customize the Canadian made garments with our branding? 

  • Yes! For an additional cost, we can add a custom woven or leather patch to any garment, custom hang tags or embroidery, the crazier the idea the better in our minds! 

Do you have an exchange or return policy for custom garments?

  • Because the garments will be customized, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges, BUTTT if there are any issues with the garments we will do everything in our power to make things right. 

Contact us at info@locallaundry

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