Custom Collab Gear - YYC Cycle


At Local Laundry, everything we do has to go back to building community. That's why we love teaming up with other businesses that love to do the same thing, and there may not be any other business or organization that is better at building community than YYC Cycle and YEG Cycle. 

Both YYC Cycle and YEG Cycle are a community of like-minded riders who inspire each other with their actions and help each other overcome their own challenges every time they enter into the studio. Their motivation comes from within the YYC Cycle and YEG Cycle studio. They lift each other up so that everyone can tackle their own battles outside these walls—together.

They call their community of passion community builders, the Bikergang, and each and every studio is the Home of the Bikergang, doesn't matter if it is your first ride or your 100th. Which is why we wanted to make a custom piece that showcases this community and brings people ever closer. 

We saw this in person when 5 of the riders were invited together to discuss what being a part of this community feels like. From people who want to get into shape, looking to make new friends to those who want to feel like part of a family. The work that both YYC Cycle and YEG Cycle is truly inspiring. 

So head down to one of their many studios, take a spin, join the Bikergang and grab one of these sweaters before they are gone. They are available at all their studios in Calgary and Edmonton - check them out here!

For more details on how to create some unique custom gear with us check out our custom collab page