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Calgary, Alberta

A Note from LIONEL

"My name is Lionel Migrino, I am a local photographer in Calgary. I would describe myself as a fun, goofy individual living with a disability called cerebral palsy. I do not solely define myself as a person with a disability because I believe everyone can live life with no limits. My goal in life is to show people that your obstacles should not stop you from going on adventures and chasing your dreams. 

I was first introduced to photography in late 2016, when I was modelling for some of my photographer friends. I was intrigued by how they used their cameras and communicated with their subjects to capture the perfect shot. From that point on, I knew I wanted to try photography myself and so I bought my first camera (a Nikon B500 to be exact) and gave it a shot! I initially saw photography as an opportunity to hang out with friends and meet new people, but soon after, I quickly fell in love with it. I love photography because it allows people to connect, and every photo taken has its own story to tell. To me, photography has given me a voice in this world, and it allows me to show people my perspective on life around me.

In photography, I love taking photos of everything, but I mostly specialize in portraits and events. Taking pictures in an event setting or a photo session allows me to be in the moment to capture memories for people to enjoy. I edit my photos mostly in Adobe Lightroom, but if I want to go wild, I will use Photoshop. I had the privilege to have my work displayed in Vantage Magazine, CTV, and the Arts Commons, to name a few. Through photography, I got involved with community projects such as Kwento’t Litrato and the Perlas Project. Those projects address issues of systematic racism and oppression. My mission is to help promote positivity and inclusivity in our community through photography. I hope to keep continuing to grow as a photographer and break down barriers."

~ Lionel Migrino

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