The YYC Community Collection - LAST CHANCE

UPDATE - We are sunsetting the YYC Community Collection. This is your last chance to get a T-Shirt to represent your community. Once we are all sold out you won't be able to purchase them anymore. 

We will still be able to do custom orders of Community Shirts on orders of 100 Shirts or more. If you would like a custom order of Community Shirts please email us at 

Represent and build your community. All of our community t-shirt designs were designed by local artists from those communities and neighbourhoods. Take a read on each of their stories and check out their other work through their links. 

Please keep in mind these shirts are MADE TO ORDER. We do not sell them in retail anywhere and each shirt takes 2-3 weeks to be made and shipped out. 

Don't see your community on here? We don't choose the communities to create a shirt for, the communities choose us. Fire us an email at to let us know which community you would like to see on a shirt. We only create a new community design when a graphic designer comes forward willing to create a design with our flexible guidelines. We pay each of our community designers and give them a free shirt with their design on it. 

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