When you consider making an investment you usually think about talking to your financial adviser or maybe buying a lakefront property.

But buying clothes? With any investment, you hope to realize a return, generally financial, but buying clothes can yield something much more powerful. It can make you feel good, it can make you feel great.

It’s not like clothes will reveal a hidden $20 bill, although don’t you like it when that happens when you find a little extra long-forgotten cash in those well-worn jeans.

Now, well-crafted Canadian-made clothing, will not cough up cash but will make financial sense in the long term, heck, even in the short term, so buy often and buy a lot.

Quality clothes are worth the investment. They not only last longer, but they make you feel better. If you look good you feel good as the saying goes. And it’s doubtful you will love your cheap clothes, very doubtful.

It should come as no secret that the better clothes are made, the longer they will last. Cheap is as cheap does. Cheap falls apart and loses its shape.

We manufacture and produce our clothing on Canadian soil because we want your crewnecks to stand the test of time. Quality clothing is simply made better, not a huge secret.

You may not have given this much thought, but there’s a ‘cost per wear’ equation or formula, not kidding, that breaks down how much you will spend per wear on an item compared to how long you have it.

The better quality the item, the cheaper it is in the long run. Now, that’s a smart investment, probably should buy two or three Canadian-made crew necks, the more you spend the more you save, that’s Investing 101.

So, the more you wear your crew neck, the better the investment, it just makes sense.

And the longer something lasts the longer you have to enjoy it. Think of the memories you will have with your crewneck. Think of sitting around the campfire, relaxing in your home on a cold winter’s day or enjoying a walk on a crisp autumn morning. You can get a lot of that with quality brands, a lot of enjoyment, a lot of great times.

Aside from something lasting longer, it’s also more comfortable, which only makes sense that you will want to wear it over and over again. Better make sure you have a couple of quality crew necks.

Cheap, poorly made clothing is just that. Top-quality branding makes you look good and feel good. Now, do you own sweaters or crew necks you love? If the answer is no then you have the wrong sweaters or crewnecks.

Canadian-made sweaters and crewnecks are something everyone should have, your closet should be full to the rafters. Crewnecks are always there for you no matter your fashion sense. And when you buy quality you buy something that lasts.

Fall is here and winter is approaching which means you better be equipped for sweater weather. An investment in a crewneck or multiple crewnecks is essential to staying warm and staying fashionable. Two or three is always better than one.

There may be times when it’s hard to justify spending more on quality clothing. You don’t need to splurge every chance you get or buy things way out of your price range, but investing in something you truly love means your wallet will appreciate you in the long run.

When your clothing lasts longer you won’t feel the need to replace it as often, this is where the ‘cost per wear' equation earns its keep. And if the crewneck you’re wearing is comfortable and you love wearing it there won’t be any need to look for the next great thing. You already have it.

A Canadian-made crewneck will always give back to you what you invested in it and more. Now that’s a guaranteed rate you can live with or can’t live without.

Say you spend a quick 20 bucks on a garment, pretty cheap in the world of fashion, it’s easy to justify spending more and more on items just as cheap. Ultimately it causes you to spend on items you don’t really love or won’t really wear all that much, you bought them because of the price tag.

That’s a bad investment. You will ultimately spend more on items you don’t even want as opposed to spending a little more on something you actually love and love to wear because it makes you look and feel good. There, that’s a good investment.

See how easy this is, and they say high finance is complicated.

Don’t be afraid to do your research before buying to ensure you receive the best product for your money. Our garments will make your list every time.

High-quality clothing can make you feel comfortable, they can even empower you, help you build confidence and enhance productivity. A quality crew neck gives you a great return on your investment and in the long run, a great crew neck will upstage its cheaper competition every time.

And the No. 1 reason to purchase a quality crew neck . . . you deserve it. Buy two because you deserve them.