The Ukraine Zip-Up sweater is our response to the war happening in Ukraine. We’ve teamed up with YMCA Calgary to use our Canadian-made garment, the bamboo Zip-Up Sweater, to raise donations and support for the people of Ukraine. Preorders for the Ukraine Zip-Up Sweater will be open until March 31st, 2022.

Given the quick response to help Ukraine and partner with YMCA Calgary, the sweaters are currently in the printing process and will start to ship in mid-April. We’re working with YMCA Calgary because for the last 15 years they have had a unique partnership with YMCA Ukraine to share expertise, resources, and ideas with a common goal - to create safe and thriving communities for future generations.

The team in Calgary considers their Ukrainian peers as an extended family and has been receiving updates on a regular basis. “The YMCA Ukraine teams are dealing with an evolving humanitarian crisis in Ukraine - and they need our support now more than ever,” said Shannon Doram, President & CEO, YMCA Calgary. “We’re grateful for the leadership and generosity of Local Laundry to help us raise awareness and funds for YMCA Ukraine.”

Our team created a design that was minimalistic, simple, yet powerful in its meaning. Showcasing blue and yellow to represent the colours of the Ukraine flag, our designer, Erin Lawrence, incorporated a heart and peace sign together. The Ukraine Zip-Up Sweater is an ode to all the devastation that occurred and continues to happen.

If we can help raise awareness and funds and direct them to a charity like YMCA Calgary that has a direct and immediate impact on those in Ukraine, we feel compelled to get involved. The Ukraine Zip-Up Sweater is made responsibly in Canada with bamboo cotton. Bamboo cotton is naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, meaning the fabric doesn’t hang on to odours [as much] as regular cotton so it can skip a wash or two.

It’s our mission at Local Laundry to donate a million dollars to Canadian charities by 2030. When we say building community through responsibly made garments, this is what we mean. We always want to give our community of ‘Locals’ as we call them a reason to get involved, an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

In a crisis, it’s easy to feel helpless, not knowing what to do, how to help or where to direct donations can be daunting, even difficult. We felt it was our responsibility to release a garment that allowed our community of Locals to involve themselves and feel like they could direct donations, support and efforts to the war happening in Ukraine.

Directly donating to YMCA Calgary, $50 from every Ukraine Zip-Up will contribute to the fund. Priced at $100, we will direct the remaining $50 of the Ukraine Zip-Up Sweater to cover out costs of production. We always want to be as transparent as possible, especially with involving Local Laundry in a charitable initiative, in that Local Laundry is not profiting from the tragedy and crisis that has consumed Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

The Ukraine Zip-Up Sweater is strictly our response to the crisis and a way for us to give back, and involve our community at large in the ability to not only support a local initiative but to donate to struggling civilians in and fleeing Ukraine.

Please check out the Ukraine Zip-Up Sweater [here], share with your friends and family and let’s try to raise as many donations as possible. Preorders will remain open until March 31st and begin to ship in late April!A made-to-order campaign model is the most sustainable way to manufacture garments. Only garments sold during preorder are put into production.

As always, all Ukraine Zip-Up Sweaters are eligible for returns or exchanges if any customer is not satisfied with their garment. If there are questions, concerns or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@locallaundry.ca :)