Why We Made This - The Updated Giving Toque

A Gift For You and A Gift For Someone In Need

We started the Giving Toque as a way to help those in need at shelters across Canada when we heard that they were short some of the winter essentials like toques, socks, mittens, underwear and towels. To help combat this and raise awareness for the need for these items we started the Giving Garments Collection. 

A collection of garments that are in most need at shelters, and for every garment, we sell we will donate one to a shelter across Canada. Thanks to people like you who have supported our Canadian made Giving Toque we have donated over 1,500 toques in the last two years to homeless shelters and organizations in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto. 

The Giving Garments Collection

Our goal is to continue to come out with Canadian made garments that give back. We were thrilled to launch the Giving Sock last Holiday season and the Giving Towel last Spring. Our aim is that one day we’ll be able to offer all five of the in-need garments and make sure that all the shelters have a steady and constant supply of what is in need the most. 

This year’s Giving Toque, we’ve made some adjustments thanks to your feedback. The best part about making all of our garments here in Canada is we can listen to your thoughts and input on how to make our garments better and work closely with the manufacturers here in Canada to improve them for you. 

This year, we went with a simple Light Grey and Dark Grey colour option with both our YYC and CAN woven patch. This was based on feedback from our supporters, customers, retailers and community as well as what sold the best last year. We had some feedback last year as well that the toques were a little too tight. We are fortunate enough to have both of our co-owners, Dustin Paisley and Connor Curran, one with the world’s largest head and the other with the world’s smallest head, to work with our production team to find a toque that fits better. This year’s versions are longer and wider to accommodate head sizes and shapes of all variety. 

Last year we donated over 575 toques. This year, help us in our goal to reach another 500 toques donated this Holiday season and 2,000 toques overall. When you purchase a Giving Toque, you aren’t just buying a toque for yourself or as a gift for someone else, but you are buying one for someone in need as well. 

Let us know your thoughts and what you think of the Giving Toque, The Giving Garment’s Collection and which local shelter you would like us to donate to next.