Summaaaaa shine shine shine *queue Janis Joplin* 

Listen, Locals, sunshine is our favourite accessory. Want to stand out? Want to make a statement? Want a go-to staple in your wardrobe? We got you. Let’s chat about load #003 of our Limited Laundry collection, SUMMER SHINE! Summer Shine is not only our first-ever scoop bottom t-shirt but our first-ever graphic t-shirt! 

It’s about time we launch load #003 from the Limited Laundry collection. We’ve got 25 Summer Shine scoop bottom t-shirts up for grabs. Are you ready to tell your story for summer? Cuzzzz we have a great new t-shirt for you to tell it in!

If you’re not familiar with what Limited Laundry drops are all about, is a series of premium quality small run garments with limited edition designs. ​​Entirely made in Canada, Limited Laundry garments are high-quality, long-lasting, super soft fabric that is cut and sewn with extreme care. Each load of Limited Laundry is a small run of garments, so we only make a handful, meaning if you want it - grab it, these babies are exclusive! The designs are here for a good time, not a long time! As soon as each Limited Laundry load sells out, the design goes into the vault! 

So let’s chat about Summer Shine, our first-ever graphic t-shirt. Our team is PUMPED about Summer Shine, and this colourful, big, loud design. Typically Local Laundry designs are minimal [in a good way], but we’re taking some leaps and bounds by adding colours, and a full chest design with load #003 in our Limited Laundry capsule collection. 

With choosing the garment for Summer Shine, we wanted to give the Locals an option to have an oversized t-shirt. The scooped bottom hemline of Summer Shine is flattering to wear both oversized or true to size while still offering a nice hang on the body. Summer Shine is both breathable and cozy with a blend of cotton polyester fabric.

So, why do we love our Summer Shine Tee so much? Let’s break it down. We LOVE Summer Shine’s design is visually appealing and attractive. Summer Shine offers an option for our Locals to flaunt their personality, stand out and add a pop to their outfits! 

From biker shorts to jeans, even a body-con skirt, the Summer Shine Tee is an easy, ready-to-wear garment that lends itself to many outfit looks. It’s no lie that graphic tees are coming back in a big way. From big, bold designs, to classic band t-shirts or blown-out text, graphic tees are the new basic staple needed in your closet. 

Stay tuned for Limited Laundry load #004… it’s a good one! If you have ideas for load #003, or questions please reach out to us at info@locallaundry.ca AND if you want early access to our next Limited Laundry load or any other new arrival drops subscribe to our SMS list [text JOIN to 1-833-335-0819]!