Limited Laundry, as it sounds, is limited. Other adjectives may also include [but are not limited to] exclusive, in short supply, or custom. Retro Rockies is load #002 of Limited Laundry, Collegiate Crewneck being load #001. Limited Laundry is a series of premium quality small run garments with limited edition designs. 

Entirely made in Canada, Limited Laundry garments are the high-quality, long-lasting, super soft fabric that is cut and sewn with extreme care. Each load of Limited Laundry is a small run of garments, so we only make a handful, meaning if you want it - grab it, these babies are exclusive! With every new garment, we print the load number on the garment to showcase the collection. The designs are here for a good time, not a long time! As soon as each Limited Laundry load sells out, the design goes into the vault! 

The idea behind Limited Laundry came from our team wanting to test new designs, garments and colours. When we first launched the Collegiate Crew in load #001, it was our test to see what our customers thought about a larger bolder print, plus we ran the design on a new fabric and garment - the heavyweight cotton. Our entire team comprises people who grew up in the 90s, so the Collegiate Crew was our love letter to the decade that raised us. 

With deciding the garment for load #002, the inspiration was ‘Miami vice’ - something kind of funky, retro and colourful! The feedback we received from load #001 was that the Collegiate Crew was a little too expensive. Being a premium fabric, the price point was definitely higher than our typical. So, with load #002, part of our decision on the garment was to launch a piece that would hit that lower price bracket but not sacrifice quality. We printed the Retro Rockies Long Sleeve on the same heavyweight cotton fabric as the Collegiate Crewneck so it’s thicker, cozy, but being on a long sleeve instead of crewneck, we could lower the price point. 

We sold out of both the Collegiate Crewneck and Retro Rockies Long Sleeve, however, if you want to learn more about the design inspiration behind both the Retro Rockies and Collegiate Crewneck below. 



Collegiate Crew:

The Local Laundry team comprises four millennials. The Collegiate Crew is our love letter to the 90s’. If you’re like us, raised in the neon-pastel-retro era, this Crewneck is for you.

From grunge culture to Blockbusters and boy bands, it’s no doubt millennials have a strongly connected nostalgia with the 90s’ decade. The Collegiate Crewneck harnesses millennials’ love affair with the 90s. It aims to represent nostalgia for a time that shaped us, a connectedness to our youth and a feeling of home when we pulled an old college sweater out from the back of our parent’s closet. We go misty-eyed for our youth… and a time when we lacked responsibility. 

Plugin your lava lamp and pull on your cozy Collegiate Crew. It’s time to belt out your favourite pop-anthem and trade your shiny Pokemon cards at the playground. 



Retro Rockies Long Sleeve:

Encouraging a bitchin’ vibe, we’re flexing our creative pursuits with the Retro Rockies design in the name of self-expression and unique style! Retro Rockies signifies what it means to keep it local by paying homage to the landscapes that embraced us.

We dedicated Retro Rockies long sleeve to anyone looking to hang loose, escape into our mountainous backyard and embrace the gnar by having a totally tubular time!

Stay tuned for Limited Laundry load #003! If you have ideas for load #003, questions please reach out to us at info@locallaundry.ca AND if you want early access to our next Limited Laundry load or any other new arrival drops subscribe to our SMS list [text JOIN to 1-833-335-0819]!