Are you over ‘Hot Girl Summer?’ Perfect. How about ‘Cool Guy/Girl Fall’? You came to the right blog!

The perfect transition garment is here. Nothing more than a sweater, but less than a jacket…soooo a shacket?! You got it!  Crafted for comfort, the Bamboo Organic Cotton Shacket is perfect for staying cozy or dressing up. Layered over top of a t-shirt, or underneath a puffer vest, the Bamboo Fleece Button-Up is perfect for a warm cool fall morning or a warm winter afternoon. 

We were slightly apprehensive about coming out with a shacket. As our most expensive but premium garment the Bamboo Fleece Button-Up as we call it sat in our minds for months before we decided to go into production. It was only when Connor was tasked with pre-selling 20 garments that would then be the deciding factor. Of course, Connor sold 40 shackets, talk about rubbing it in our faces. Thus, our fate was sealed and the rest of the Locals could reap the benefits of Connor’s savvy sales skills. However, let’s face it, the Bamboo Fleece Button-Up sells itself ;) 

When it comes to launching a new garment we like to do a preorder, as a small business it tasks the risk factor down a couple of notches. Preorders allow us to test the market, listen to customer feedback, and only manufacture what we sell, plus a couple more, making preorders a sustainable way to manufacture clothing so we’re wasting fabric and manufacturing on garments that don’t sell!

So let’s talk about the fabric… can you say “holy softness!” Because that’s what you’ll think when you slide your arms into the Bamboo Fleece Button-Up. Made with bamboo and organic cotton blend, the Shacket is naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, so it’s perfect for not only keeping you dry but warm and cozy! Learn more about the features of our Bamboo Fleece Button-Up below: 

  • 70% Rayon from Bamboo
  • 30% Organic Cotton
  • Superior fabric for its softness and functionality
  • Pre-washed & pre-shrunk
  • Functional due to its moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties
  • Bamboo crops consume fas less water to grow

We choose to make all of our products responsibly here in Canada, adhering to strict labour and environmental regulations using high-quality fabrics and materials all while giving back to the community. This results in a higher quality product that is built to last years, instead of months, all while contributing to a better community, and a better planet. 

So basically it comes down to this, sorry, T. Swift, we’re going to have to Shacket it ON with this one, b, HA!  

Shop the limited edition Bamboo Fleece Button-Up while supplies last and don’t forget to #keepyourlaundrylocal!