One of our favourite things to do as a business is to build community and partner with great companies, organizations, not-for-profits, and people to impact those around us. Our mission is to continue to manufacture Canadian-made garments for social good and achieve our goal of raising a million dollars for Canadian charities by 2030. We aim to support our mission and achieve our goal by releasing our second collection with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, presented by Treadstone Sports, the 93 Collection. 

The 93 Collection aims to support the next generation by donating a portion of the collection's profits to KidSport Edmonton. $15 from the 93 Zip-Up and $5 from both the 93 Snapback and T-shirt will be donated. Score a hat trick with the complete 93 Collection!


The second time around, back by popular demand, the 93 Snapback has returned, along with the NEW 93 bamboo Zip-Up and bamboo T-shirt. The benefit of bamboo fabric, especially coming into the warm months, is the moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties that help to wick away moisture and reduce odour in the garment. Where softness and functionality meet, bamboo is a premium fabric.

"It's the number I've been wearing my whole career in Edmonton. I grew up wearing the number for most of my minor hockey days as well and born in 1993, too." - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on what the number 93 means to him.

The Ryan Nugent-Hopkins collection's main objective is to give back to the local community and drive awareness towards underprivileged children unable to participate in organized sport. The 93 Collection, presented by Laurenne Mercier & Treadstone Sports, benefits Ryan's charity of choice, KidSport Edmonton. Edmonton Oilers' longest-standing player, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, supports KidSport Edmonton and local businesses by releasing his second collection for a limited-time preorder campaign. 

"You don't necessarily have to be a fan of myself or hockey in general. You can wear a hat with 93 and have no idea what it means; it's just is a cool logo. And I think a good way to get more than just the hockey fans and the hockey community. You get everybody a chance to wear it and get involved with it." - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on why we brought back the same 93 design for the second collection.

The 93 Collection continues to donate to KidSport Edmonton and support the next generation with limited edition Canadian-made garments. Both Bre and Ryan value that every child deserves a chance to play sports regardless of their family situation or socioeconomic status. By releasing their limited edition collection, Ryan and Bre found it's a positive way to give back to children and families participating in sport and hopefully help kids play organized sports and have fun growing up, just like they did.

Available until April 15th as a PREORDER, the 93 Collection offers limited edition Canadian-made garments for social good. Shop the complete collection below!