April is National Autism Awareness month and we're excited to launch our 4th collaboration with Kodette LaBarbera and her son Ryder, Ryder's Collection! This year we are stocked and loaded and launching Ryder's Collection without a presale - we are ready to go, Locals! The 2022 collection features three NEW styles of garments to support spreading Autism awareness throughout the month of April and beyond. Continue reading to learn more about this year's collection with Kodette and Ryder and how you can support Autism awareness with socially conscious garments!

Let's dive into it! 

2022 marks the fourth year of collaborating with Kodette Labarbera and her family. Diagnosed in 2012, Ryder, Kodette’s eldest son, is the inspiration behind Ryder’s collection. Kodette wanted a way to give back and continue to generate awareness for Autism with the help of our Canadian made garments. In 2019, we launched the inaugural Ryder’s Crew. Over the last three years, collaborating with Kodette, we’ve launched over eight different garments. Ranging from crewnecks to t-shirts and hoodies, 2022 is the first year releasing a pullover hoodie, white crewneck toque! To date, Ryder’s Collections has donated over $15,000 for Autism charities throughout Canada while continuing to raise awareness and share stories of those throughout the community. 

In this year’s collection, we want to continue to evolve the garments and the giveback charitable aspect of the campaign. A portion of the proceeds from Ryder’s Collection will be donated to The Assist. The Assist strives to make the world a more inclusive place, one sensory kit at a time. The items provided in The Assist Kit can help reduce the sounds and sights of the fan experience and bring it down to a comfortable level for the person - and their family - to enjoy a game. Learn more about The Assist here! $10 from Ryder's Toque, $15 from Ryder's Crew and $20 from Ryder's Hoodie will be donated to The Assist. 

2022 is the first year we haven’t done a made-to-order campaign for Ryder’s Collection. As one of our most expected and coveted collections to date, we had all garments of Ryder’s 2022 collection ready to ship off to your doorsteps right away, making the 2022 Ryder’s Collection one of our most exclusive collections.


Learn more about previous Ryder's Collection and the impact to Canadian charities supporting Autism!


When Ryder’s Crew first launched in 2019, the design featured a puzzle piece and a heart. A puzzle piece is a symbol for Autism, parlaying the idea that a puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of the Autism spectrum. The design attributed to Ryder’s Collection is an integrated heart & puzzle piece, a meaningful symbol for Autism, speaking to the idea of “until the pieces fit”.

Ryder’s Collection is to bring awareness about Autism, those living with Autism and how communities can support Autism Canada. In 2012, while attending Montessori school, Ryder was told he was “not a good fit” and that “something was wrong with him”. Hurt, upset and frustrated, it was later determined that Ryder had Autism.

After meeting with specialists, undergoing therapy and with the support of his family and friends, Ryder is thriving. Attending mainstream school, Ryder talks, plays and engages with friends, teachers and younger brother Easton. Ryder amazes those around him every single day!

Now, it's time to shop garments that make you look good [obviously] but FEEL good, check out the full Ryder's Collection here