You know when you have that first cup of coffee in the morning, could be right after your morning workout or minutes after falling out of bed, you take that first sip, then another, and another, it just feels great, like everything is right in the world... at least for a short time.

That’s how it feels to buy Canadian-made products. It just feels good, like you made a difference as you belong right where you are. Except it’s not for a short time, this is for the long haul.

Buying Canadian-made products strengthens our economy, creates robust communities and gives back to local charities. That’s called win-win-win. We’re committed to donating $1 million to local charities by 2030, a lofty goal, to be sure, but attainable. It’s putting money back into our community and giving it to people who need it the most.

Buying Canadian creates jobs, provides living wages, creates opportunities, spurs ingenuity and stimulates giving. A job also comes in pretty handy when monthly bills arrive, oh, and they will arrive.

Simply by purchasing local products, consumers are creating an economic backbone for the community, for our provinces and for the country.

Nearly everyone benefits when you buy Canadian-made products. The jobs created by purchasing local helps pump tax dollars into our economy, which we use for public services. You know, things like roads, schools and hospitals.

The more we strengthen our community, the more services we can offer, the more recreation opportunities we can provide and the more careers we can build through education and opportunity.

Jobs also create personal wealth or disposable income which we used to spend on goods and services like vehicle maintenance, veterinary services, and, hey, lawns don’t cut themselves.

All this creates more jobs and helps Canadian families. And as families and communities prosper, the greater the services we can offer.

Buying Canadian-made products also means you’re buying quality with direct oversight of the manufacturing process. Buying local also reduces our environmental footprint, creates jobs and strengthens communities. The products you purchase don’t need to travel around the world to get to you. Products don’t need to be stuck at an airport halfway around the world waiting to be shipped.

Products can arrive at your door on time, while you’re safe with the knowledge you have helped fuel the Canadian supply chain. There’s comfort in that.

Locally made products mean quality. These aren’t your wear-it-and-throw-it-out type quality. We made these products to last, you will have Local Laundry products for years.

Now, businesses donating to local communities are not new, but it’s important to realize that local companies are much more likely to donate within their community or within the country. This is really important, buying local helps locals. It’s pretty simple, really.

When you buy Canadian-made products you’re also buying Canadian-made laws and regulations which govern the industry. You’re not buying foreign-made goods where labour codes may be, let’s see, a little looser than ours. And that’s not a good thing.

Canadian labour laws and business regulations are strict and keep everyone in fair competition. By buying locally made goods, you can put your mind at ease knowing that someone who was treated fairly made your product safe and compensated fairly for their work. That’s just the Canadian way.

Canadians are a patriotic bunch. We take pride in our country and what we offer. Why spend your hard-earned dollars elsewhere when you can support local, Canadian-made products.

Buying a Canadian-made crewneck or hoodie helps your community, it provides economic stability, and if we ever needed it, now’s the time.

It’s really a great feeling knowing your product choice is making a difference. Now, some may believe that a simple purchase of a Canadian-made product doesn’t really accomplish much. But they are wrong.

Buying Canadian-made products over time, perhaps a lifetime provides a massive boost to the economy. You may be only one person, but there are many people out there just like you. What you do and what you buy really matters.

Buy local, buy Canadian-made goods, it’s the Canadian thing to do.