November 07, 2016 2 min read

Lately we've been working with the notion of collaboration over competition. As an ode to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs alike, we want to do our part in the community by assisting those around us in whatever way we can through creative collaborations. Whether that’s piggy backing on each others social media channels, featuring a company on our blog or representing a businesses products or services. Whatever it may be we want to make it known we are here for you and your business.

Calgary’s current economic landscape has been housing the creative motives of local entrepreneurs. New start-ups have been popping up all over the place. Other entrepreneurs are exciting to us; because we share similar commonalities and allows for an opportunity to bring new projects and creative images and pursuits to life. That being said you might have been exposed to our collaborations over the last few months.

Collaborations allow for a way to feature other companies or business owners, either new or established, and highlight the wonderful attributes about them. The purpose for collaborating, is it offers a way to bring a credible source to provide visibility to both companies participating. Collaborations boost awareness of each brand and tap into each other’s audiences, ultimately exposing them to new wandering eyes. Strength from collaborations lies in the ability to enhance customer product/service relationships and influence audience reception. Collaborations are a creative way to bring company brands to life in an authentic representation of each business, plus its fun!

Some of the companies we have collaborated with include, Lululemon, AARCS, The Clothing Bar, Calgary Heritage Roasting Co., Janet Davie, Kindred Thrift and our newest collab, which will be revealed on next week’s blog, Simply Polished. We want to find new and interesting ways to show off entrepreneurs we collaborate with, and their products and services, in a unique way to bring new perspective to the eyes of Instagram lurkers.

Here are some of our favourite photos from past few months. Everyone has something to give. We’ve enjoyed discovering what Local Laundry has to give to another company, as well as learning the strengths of others! 


Photos by Brooke Cupelli


Photos by Tanner Strachan


Photos by Janet Davie


Photos by Tanner Strachan


 Photos by Janet Davie

Below are a few teaser photos from a most recent collaboration with Simply Polished!


Photos by Janet Davie


If you are a local entrepreneur, photographer, model or just someone with an idea, looking to collaborate drop us a line! Chat at chaaa next week Calgary - stay local! 

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