October 06, 2020 3 min read

In August we had the pleasure of checking out Bombay Beauty Loft and collaborating with the team on some content creation. If you haven't checked out Bombay Beauty Loft's space in Kensington, you're missing out! 

This charming heritage house now turned beauty parlour is an interior designer's dream - from stunning wallpaper, to aesthetically pleasing decorations and chai tea on tap Bombay Beauty Loft brings tradition and science into a place that feels like home. Continue scrolling to read the full story!

Let's dive into it!
Photos by @adventureclubphotography

Founded in 2013, Bombay Beauty Loft (BBL) marries traditions of the east with modern skincare techniques of the west to bring a perfectly balanced approach to beauty. In 2017, founders Pritma Dhillon-Chattha and Kada Issa set their sights on a beautiful mid-century home on Westmount Road that would later be transformed into the new home of BBL. What they thought would be a quick and simple conversion, turned out to be a two-year renovation journey before they were able to move in. The wait was well worth it, and Pritma, Kada and their clients could not be happier with the end result! After numerous trips to the city, community consultations, permits, and even an address change, Bombay took residence in its new home at 2001 Kensington Road NW in summer of 2019. "We have been welcomed with open arms into the community of West Hillhurst" says Pritma, "our neighbors love that we maintained the character and footprint of the home." The home had remained in the same family for generations; it was so special when they came to visit and shared some of their fondest memories with us. 

It has always been a priority for Kada and Pritma to make their clients feel at home, so it was quite fitting to convert an actual home into their new space. Their delicious home-made masala chai, ground by Pritma's mom, is just another testament to how they treat their clients like family.

Truly a destination boutique, your immersed into the smells, sounds and feels of vintage "Bombay" as soon as you enter the home. BBL offers a variety of skincare services including brow threading, lash lifts, permanent makeup, laser, massage, and cosmetic injectables - just to list a few! This fall, the gals at Bombay are excited to launch a few new services including IV vitamin therapy, platelet rich plasma facials (vampire facials), Belkyra and more. 

Summer’s end is the perfect time to introduce (or re-introduce) a new skincare regimen that will help repair and rejuvenate your skin. They recommend booking in for a complimentary skin consultation to develop a customized treatment plan according to your skin needs and your budget. Some of their most popular services for Fall include:

  • Fill n’ Tox Dermastamp Facial - a customized facial that uses a combination of Botox, Dermal Filler and Vitamins stamped into your skin using 25 tiny micro-channel needles to help even out texture and tone while hydrating your skin, leaving it with a supple glow.
  • PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a treatment using your own blood and platelets that are then injected into your skin, under-eyes or hair to stimulate collagen and elastin production.
  • IV Therapy is an amazing treatment that will concentrate on your skin and health from the inside out. With formulas to help with everything from a natural skin glow to the soreness of your daily workout routine.

Just like preparing your car for seasonal changes, your skin is no different; it requires ongoing professional and at home maintenance. If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to visit this uniquely Calgary space and mention Local Laundry for a 10% discount on your first service! 




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