January 02, 2017 2 min read

We want to take this moment to quickly thank everyone who have been apart of the Local Laundry community over the course of 2016. Thank you again to the Local Laundry team, community partners, social media influencers and consumers - you all have been unreal! Without the consistent encouragement, love and unwavering support from everyone we wouldn’t be where we are today. Stay tuned for our next Community Impact Report where we highlight all the collaborations, photographers, models, bloggers, charities and everything in between! The Community Impact Report will shed light on our current and new relationships and the impact we are making within communities and charities in Calgary.


Photos by: Tegan Jay Photography

We have all heard it, “new year, new me!” and we all roll our eyes to the cliche saying, but in all seriousness entering into a new year brings new opportunities. Whether those opportunities are of change or new choices, the new year renders moments of chance, adventure and even a little risk! Each time a new year comes around there is a scent of change in the air, whether it’s change on a small or large scale we look inwards for a challenge.


Photos by: Tegan Jay Photography

We finally have the bravery to look into our souls and ask ourselves, “what can we do better?” It could be from a financial standpoint, health and wellness or just the overarching goal of spreading more human kindness. For us we want to continue supporting local charities and putting donations back into the community, but we want to keep extending ourselves into new communities, new projects and reach new audiences and for more projects and partnerships.


Photo by: Tegan Jay Photography

Moving forward into 2017 we invite new adventures, new collaborations, new relationships while we foster and continue to build our community. As we continue to grow the brand of Local Laundry we want to arouse curiosity, build excitement and continue to nurture our relationships and collaboration ventures.


Photos by: Megan Rutkowski


Photos by: Megan Rutkowski

If you or someone you know has an idea for a new project, collaboration or adventure please feel free to reach out! We are making it our mission to not only impact the people of Calgary but begin to extend outwards into our neighbouring cities like Edmonton and Lethbridge as well as into provinces such as B.C and Saskatchewan! 

That's it for me this week Calgary, stay local, stay kind and keep up the grind! To keep up with my daily adventures follow me on Instagram at @kathleensmiles_. See you next Monday YYC! 

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