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Hey Hey LL Fam! We hope you're having a swell Monday because boy do we have something good in store for you! Tonight on the blog we have blogger extraordinaire, Alia, the Trotting Traveller! On her blog, Trotting Traveller, Alia shares stories about her travels, collaborations with local designers and companies and her attempt at leading a healthy and mindful life and of course restaurants! Tonight Alia is sharing her story, life as a blogger and a giving us some insight into her favorite travel stories, some of her greatest experiences and life as a blogger! Keep scrollin', keep readin' and, as always, enjoy! 
Let's dive into it!
Photos by Kathleen Smiley

A Quick Trot Through YYC

Hey guys, Trotting Traveller here!  I’m a newish Calgary blogger who loves travel, photography, fashion, food, and COFFEE!  I’m pretty much the biggest coffee addict you’ve ever met (thank you University).  By trade, I am a pharmacist, but have a creative & adventurous side that I wanted to share so I started blogging.  While I may not have been born here, Calgary has always been a second home to me.  I’ve been coming here since I was 3 months old, to visit my grandparents.  I officially moved here a few years ago and I thought for this collaboration with Local Laundry, I would highlight some of my favorite YYC spots to eat, coffee & shop!  So, what are we waiting for, let’s take a trot through YYC!

The Foodie In Me

I LOVE eating, and I especially love eating delicious food. I’m certainly not a great cook (I make three things decently) so my sophisticated palate is usually looking for something more. We’re lucky here in Calgary because we have such a vast array of eats in the city.  It’s difficult to pick a favorite, however, my friend’s circle & I are HUGE fans of a small Italian spot called Niko’s Bistro.  This quaint family owned restaurant is located in Kensington.  While all the dishes are exquisite, I am a big fan of the calamari!  The rings are cooked and served in a tomato based sauce seasoned perfectly– just writing about it is making me drool.  Some of my friends may even be guilty of ordering a second calamari as dessert – yes, it is that good (what dreams are made off).  

Speaking of dessert, I have an overdeveloped sweet tooth (no not a cavity).  Niko’s has the most incredible chocolate mousse.  I know what you’re thinking… chocolate mousse is not that epic but wait until you’ve tired this rich creamy goodness. It’s a bite of heaven on your spoon!

Because Niko’s is a family run business, the customer service is excellent!  In fact, the owner (Niko) himself is often there mingling with the guests.  He even brought my table a free round of limoncello’s since none of us had tried it before!


There is a saying, behind every successful man is a woman & behind every successful woman is a cup of coffee.  I personally consider coffee as the juice of life – the blunt companion of dessert if you will.  I would say my favourite coffee shop in YYC is Higher Ground, also (conveniently) located in Kensington.  

This adorable little café is home to several organic specialty coffees, teas as well as cool beverages.  It has an upbeat vibe and showcases artwork from many local artists.  Additionally, they have a social conscious whose mission is to run an environmentally friendly business.

This coffee shop is a great place to kick back and chill or study. It reminds me of Central Perk from the popular TV show, Friends only without the famed orange couch. You’ll often find me blogging here because as you learned above, I love coffee and I find the atmosphere to be conducive to creative thinking.


At heart, I am a fashionista and a borderline shopaholic – “Hi I’m the Trotting Traveller & I have a shopping problem”.  One of the best places to shop in YYC is Purr located in Kensington, 17th Ave, and Inglewood.  I love this store because they sell a little bit of everything, from clothing to accessories, even greeting cards! In certain locations, they even have a men’s section.  So, ladies, your significant other can’t complain, they can update their wardrobe at the same time.

One of the best parts of shopping at Purr versus department stores is how you can preserve your style without worrying that everyone will have the same #OOTD as you.  They have one of a kind pieces that are of high quality & fit well.  I especially love their dresses, both work appropriate & easily convertible into an evening outfit with a switch in accessories.

The staff is very friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it be to find different sizes, suggest possible jewelry pairing options or even pull items that compliment you that you may not have even considered as an option!  They truly want your personal style reflected in what you wear.

This concludes our quick trot through Calgary, I hope you enjoyed the stops we made and are excited to check these places out (if you haven’t already).  You can follow my YYC & global adventures on my website  I look forward to getting to know each of you and can’t wait to see what other escapades are in our future.  Until next time dream, explore and adventure.


Trotting Traveller ♥  



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