The Local Crewneck

At Local Laundry, our mission has always been about building community. It was for this reason, that earlier this year, we made the decision to stop all non-Made in Canada production.

As a brand, we’ve always operated under the guidance of our 4 pillars of community - producing clothing that allows people to proudly represent their pride for local, collaborating with others in our community, giving back to our community, and sharings stores of others in the community. However, in order to extend the life of our company, we realized there was a piece missing from the above. Being Local Laundry, we felt we needed to take the extra step to actually produce all of our products locally as well. Over the past few years, we’ve recognized the importance of working with local suppliers and manufacturers that enforce better labour conditions, source ethically, and contribute to the Canadian economy. There’s no better feeling than throwing on a sweater that was made right, here in Canada.

With our switch to entirely Made in Canada products, we’ve been cooking up some new Local Laundry branded pieces to support the brand push towards conscious, Canadian consumerism. We’re calling them our Local Crewnecks. Made locally, for the locals. You may have seen a few successful & emerging athletes supporting them in our latest collabs - 3 time Olympic medalist Rebecca Johnston, 3 time Olympian Tristan Walker, the entire Team Canada Women’s Bobsleigh team, or emerging speedskater Brooklyn McDougall.

Amidst all of these collabs we’ve seen tremendous support for the iconic Canadian maple leaf stamp that represents Made in Canada products. With the successful launch of our Women’s focused Local Crewneck, we launched a more formal unisex Local Crew. It’s been a hit for the cooler fall days, the day trips to the mountains, and weekend hauls to the lake. Made in Canada for Canadians.

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