The Calgary Stampede's Next Generation Committee is wrangling up community spirit

On this guest blog, we connect with Shannon Black, Vice Chair of the Calgary Stampede’s Next Generation Committee (NGC). The Committee is a group of diverse and passionate volunteers who share the message and community spirit of the Calgary Stampede year round. When the NGC came to us to redesign their committee t-shirts, we knew it was a natural fit. Find out how this committee spreads the Calgary Stampede’s community spirit year round.

For most Calgarians, the Calgary Stampede is a 10 day festival celebrating western heritage in July. But for the more than 3,500 volunteers, Stampede is so much more. As a not for profit, the Calgary Stampede hosts businesses, tourism, hospitality and community events, attracting over two million guests to the park each year and reinvests profits back into programs and initiatives in youth, supporting agricultural programs, celebrating western culture and making a lasting economic impact in the city of Calgary. Above all, the Calgary Stampede is a year-round gathering place, a city icon and a feeling of ongoing community spirit.

Photos by. Lionel Migrino

The Next Generation Committee or NGC, works to attract and engage the next generation of guests, supporters and volunteers of the Calgary Stampede. How do we do this? We connect with new audiences through our social media channels, telling compelling stories and showcasing new and exciting Stampede events and ideas. We also provide exceptional, one of a kind experiences to guests and participate in community events. You may recognize our crew as the red tent with a bubble machine at Lilac Fest or the mechanical “beaker bull” from Beaker Night

Our crew aka NGCer’s are a group of diverse and passionate volunteers. Our members all come from different walks of life, cultures, experience and our day jobs are all different. Our committee consists of teachers, financial professionals, marketers, ranchers, actresses and photographers. We consider ourselves to be a mosaic of members, providing the stampede with a certain new energy which inspires excitement as we engage with new audiences in unique ways. We pride ourselves in showing up different; thinking outside the box and striving for innovation in the events and messaging we support. The opportunity to collaborate with a like-minded, community orientated brand like Local Laundry was the perfect match for us to create our new committee shirts. We loved working with the LL folks (thanks to Connor, Dustin and Erin!), and our new t-shirts match our committee’s personality perfectly. 


From our crew to yours, we’ll see you at Stampede — yahoo!

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