The Alberta Wildfire Fundraiser Tee: Our Pledge of Solidarity and Support

It's times like these that remind us of our collective strength and the resilience that defines us as Canadians. As the founders of Local Laundry, a proudly Canadian clothing company, we've always believed that our commitment extends beyond creating quality, made-in-Canada apparel. Our true purpose is to build and strengthen the community that we are so honoured to be a part of.

This past month, we find ourselves deeply moved by the recent wildfires that have ravaged Alberta, leaving many in our community displaced and in need of support. It's a situation that calls for solidarity, and we've found ourselves asking: How can we, as a local business, contribute?

The answer lies in our newest initiative: the Alberta Wildfire Fundraiser Tee. It's more than just a garment; it's a symbol of unity, resilience, and hope. With this initiative, we aim to raise funds that will go directly towards relief efforts, bringing a bit of respite to those affected by the fires.

Every penny of profit of the Alberta Wildfire Fundraiser Tee will go directly to The Canadian Red Cross, an organization that has tirelessly been at the forefront of relief efforts. Their dedicated teams are working round-the-clock to provide emergency aid to our fellow Albertans, and we feel honoured to be able to support their cause.

Further magnifying our joint efforts, The Government of Canada has generously offered to match any contribution, donating $2 for every dollar we raise. This means that every purchase you make not only supports the cause but amplifies the impact of your contribution. Our collective goal is ambitious: to raise $10,000 to aid our community members in need.

These shirts, printed on our premium 50/50 fleece fabric, are proudly Made in Canada. They bear witness to the resilience of our community and the spirit of Canadians who rise to meet any challenge head-on. They're an emblem of solidarity, a beacon of hope in these trying times.

Please note that these special edition t-shirts are being sold as a pre-sale. Shipping will begin in mid to late June, and due to the nature of fundraiser products, all sales are final.

Launching this initiative has reaffirmed our belief in the power of community. We've seen time and again how, when faced with adversity, we band together, extend a helping hand, and go above and beyond to support those in need. This is the essence of Local Laundry. We're not just a clothing company, we're a community-centric business deeply committed to making a positive impact.

We invite you to stand with us, to support those affected by the wildfires, and to show that our community remains strong, no matter the challenges we face. Each Alberta Wildfire Fundraiser Tee is a testament to our collective strength and resilience. It's more than a shirt—it's a way for us to say, "We stand with you."

We look forward to your support in this initiative, and we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone working relentlessly on the front lines to keep our community safe. We're reminded every day that together, we can overcome anything.


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