Tammy, Alysia & Caramia Caramels!

What's up YYC, we're so happy to have you here tonight! Tonight's blog is brought to you by none other than Tammy and Alysia of Caramia Caramels from Edmonton! Caramia Caramels are literal melt in your mouth soft caramels that were inspired by Tammy's honeymoon visit to Paris. Continue reading to learn more about Tammy and Alysia and their delicious caramels! 


Hey Local Laundry readers!

We’re Tammy and Alysia Lok of Caramia Caramels from Edmonton Alberta. We make artisan soft caramels in a bunch of delicious flavours! 

Above: Alysia Lok (left) and Tammy Lok (right)

Photos by Sara Jewell Photography

It’s been a romantic whirlwind of a journey with Caramia Caramels. Inspired by Tammy’s honeymoon visit to Paris where she tried freshly-made, melt-in-your-mouth soft caramels for the first time, we decided to bring this amazing treasure back to Edmonton to share with our family and friends. After months spent brewing over our caramel cauldron, we developed a unique recipe that captured the tradition and nostalgia of homemade caramels, refreshed in an assortment of delicious flavours. In addition to the Original Butter Caramel, we developed other flavours such as Sriracha Roasted Almond, London Fog Latte, and the ever-popular limited summer flavour, Rootbeer Lemon Float.

Above: Sriracha Roasted Almond Flavoured Caramel

Above: Rootbeer Lemon Float

We started out at our local farmers’ markets almost one year ago today and the outpour of support from our community has been nothing short of [amazing]. From our first day being featured in the Edmonton Journal, we sold out almost every weekend all summer-long, inspiring us to quit our full time day jobs to pursue what we love doing best--melting sugar and hearts to make people smile! 

Since then, we launched a Kickstarter campaign in October 2016 to fund the purchase of an industrial candy cooker, allowing us to scale up production from our stove-top operations. We reached out to our local community to help spread the word and Edmonton didn’t skip a beat! We were featured on CTV, numerous local newspapers, and food blogs all November long...and we were even awarded Kickstarter’s coveted badge, “Projects We Love”. Our amazing caramel fans helped us reach our funding goal in less than one week, and almost doubled our funding goal at the end of our 30-day campaign! We couldn’t be more grateful. We moved into a commercial kitchen this past January, where our new candy cooker--dubbed Sir Prince Mix-a-Lot--is now housed.

This year, we’re proud to be voted as one of the Tomato’s Top 100 Things to Eat in Edmonton! Our reputation for making delicious caramels spilled out through Alberta, and we were continually asked how one could get their paws on our caramels if they didn’t live in Edmonton? So in February, we launched our new online shop at caramiacaramels.com, making our caramels available across Canada!

Being a part of Caramia has many sweet perks, but the best perk for sure is the incredibly talented people we’ve crossed paths with along the way. We continue to be inspired by other entrepreneurs who share a like-mind--community over competition: that the best businesses serve others, and enrich the lives of their customers and stakeholders through their products or services. We couldn’t be more grateful for the support we’ve received, and are thrilled to be in a position to pass it all forward as we continue along this extraordinary journey.

Thank you for taking a moment to peer into our lives. We hope we get a chance to share our caramels with you soon!

xo, Tammy and Alysia Lok ~Caramia Caramels


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