PinUps by Gracie

Looking to forever stop bad hair days? Look no further! #PinUpsByGracie are handmade in Canada, double-sided, reversible headbands that you can style more than five ways. This week, Gracie, owner and entrepreneur of Klutz Mega Corp talks about her hometown and how she started her fun and funky not-so-small business. 

Bagpipes swirl in the air as the majestic Grand River carves it’s way beautifully over and through limestone rock faces. A tiny Scottish town dotted with stone heritage homes surrounded by rolling farmland. St. Andrew’s Crossing, our main street is lined with quaint shops, the owners happily greet each other by name with smiles. I mean, it’s a pretty great place to be. Fergus, Ontario is one of those small towns on your way to the cottage, it’s a tourist destination and the people who live here know they’re lucky to live on the way to vacation year-round. I grew up here, left for the big city of Toronto, lived there for 16 years, started my business, the ironically named Klutz Mega Korp. A small business with a big name.

Photo by. @mistybluephotography

After three years in the city side-hustling my headbands, I found myself at a point beyond the second bedroom. Growing is painful, it forces you to make decisions. I love the big city, but I’d always missed the smiles in the street where people know you and your story. It was impossible for me to grow beyond side-hustle. So, in 2017, I moved back and my second-bedroom-after-hours job became my full-time hustle. Headbands are my thing. I have a shop space in the heart of downtown — a bustling three-block stretch. I have grown my business with stores across Canada. I travel around the country teaching people about feeling confident. I hustle my website, hand packing and wrapping each order. I love my job. I love my town. I love Canada. It’s home, no matter where I am. I am Gracie Klutz, proud Canadian small business owner and I’m delighted to make your acquaintance.