Philosafy Coffee [fi=los-uh-fee] [kaw-fee] Guest Blog

Hey Hey LL Fam! We hope you're having a swell Monday because boy do we have something good in store for you! Tonight on the blog we have a guest blog from everyone's favourite coffee shop Philosafy Coffee! Throughout the blog tonight you'll learn the history of Philosafy, how it got started and some exciting events and discount codes you can start part of! Read & enjoy fam :)  

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Photos by: Briare Crawford & Sophia Ritz


Philosafy Coffee [fi=los-uh-fee] [kaw-fee]

Philosophy is a word many of us are familiar with. Perhaps it was a university course you took that encouraged abstract thinking. Or maybe you’ve heard the works of famous Greek philosophers, Aristotle or Plato. Whatever the case, philosophy is the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, or simply put it, philosophy is the “love of wisdom.”

The concept of Philosafy Café stems from the emergence of the coffee culture in 14th century Turkey as well as 17th and 18th century London. At this time, Western Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean were considered social hubs, a place for intellectuals and artists. Coffee being a stimulant, was highly associated with ‘radical thinking.’ Cafés became a place where these intellectuals, radical thinkers, and artists could come together, drink coffee and exchange ideas on worldly matters.

Philosafy Café is a modern, hip, take on the coffee culture – with a slightly different spelling. Located on 17th Ave in Calgary, Philosafy is a hub for intellectual enriching, bringing together of people to share ideas, art, music and of course, delicious specialty beverages prepared by of our talented baristas.

In preparation for opening day, the Philosafy crew teamed up with local #YYC friends, Coffee Concept, to collaborate and meticulously create the recipes that are now served at the café. Philosafy wanted to fashion something special that was exclusive to the café, hence the creation of the Socrates Espresso, a unique blend that showcases notes of toasted almonds, caramelized pear, and milk chocolate – do we have you drooling yet? 

Weeks prior to Philosafy opening its doors, the team joined forces with World Barista Competitors Ben Put and Jeremy Ho brew their own distinct and delicious craft. Ben and Jeremy were able to help the team gain a deeper understanding of the world of coffee, teach them brewing and extraction methods, and hone in on the art of steaming and pouring cappuccinos and lattes.

Since opening its doors on June 16, 2016, the Philosafy Coffee team has created thousands of specialty beverages, perfected #latteart and fostered an environment where people can relish their creativity.

For the month September, Philosafy is offering 20% off on all beverages! Come in, let our baristas know what you’re drinking and use the discount code #EnjoyLifeYYC.

Hope to see you all soon!


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