Because Everyone Wants to Partake!

On the guest blog this week we hear from Chelsea Finnigan, Marking Specialist at Partake Brewing, an award-winning nonalcoholic beer crafted here in Calgary. Keep scrolling to learn more about this tasty option to drinking alcohol-free craft beer.

Photo by Worn Leather Media Photography

What is Partake?

Partake Brewing creates authentically great tasting non-alcoholic craft beer! We’re proud to hold the award for World’s Best Non-Alcoholic Beer from the World Beer Awards and very glad to share the notoriety with the rest of Canada. What can we say, Canadians love their beer and we’re good at brewing it!

Why do we love Calgary?

While we were originally from Toronto, we moved to Calgary at the beginning of 2018 and were given a very warm welcome into the Calgary start-up community. It seems that everyone here has tips, tricks, and advice to share with everyone else to make sure we’re all succeeding! Whether it’s through ATBX, founder’s forums, or beer nights, it seems like there’s a meetup for everything and everyone and it’s so easy to make new friends – like the friendship brewed between Local Laundry and Partake Brewing!

Calgarians might live in a city, but the community is much more akin to a small town. Everyone cares deeply about the success of everyone else and anytime we’ve asked for help with something, people have come out in throngs to help us!

Photo by @lmigrino photography

Where can you find us?

This year, you can find Partake Brewing at tons of Calgary events including the Baby Show, Women’s Show, Vegan Festival, Calgary Co-Op Stampede Breakfasts, and Folk Festival! We’re excited to be a part of the vibrant life and activity here and want to be involved in the community as much as possible.

You can find us in stores near you on our website.

What does the future look like?

We strive to bring sustainability, health, and inclusion wherever we bring Partake! Our product is vegan, all-natural, plastic-free, and low calorie and we’re noticing more and more start-ups follow suit! It’s refreshing to see the consumer mindset change and watch as businesses pop up to meet the new needs or change the way they manufacture!  

Photo captured by Jaime Verdes