Olympic Campaign: Emily Baadsvik, Bobsleigh

 This year for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics we wanted to get involved, we wanted to show our support and provide Canadians with a chance to build community during the games. Our Olympic Campaign aims to amplify Canadian spirit and community throughout the 16-day duration. We've reached out to some Calgarian Olympic athletes who have experienced the Olympics first hand and tonight we're hearing from Bobsleigh, Emily Baadsvik and also co-owner of Calgary's own Wild Tea Kombucha! Scroll, read and enjoy!

Let's dive into it!  

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No one is born knowing their purpose. There are a few people who from an early age, have a burning passion within their hearts. For many of us, though, we have No. Fucking. Clue. Everyone is born curious, but it is only some people that make a plan, and even less that make it happen.

My passion for sport is one that is insatiable. I often say that Bobsleigh saved me. My life changed within those first few months of throwing myself down an ice track at often 130km/hr. For the first time in a long time, I felt something. A flame was ignited, I was capable of more, and I could do anything. I became excited about the possibility of being able to represent my country at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.  Over the course of four years, I experienced a spectrum of emotions and situations that moved me. It is through my career as a Brakeman on the Women’s National Team, I began my path of self-discovery.

People often tell me how I must meditate more. How calming it is, how it will bring gratification to my life, profound reason, and perhaps some enlightenment- but you know what? I f*ing hate meditation in the traditional sense- in a dark room, legs crossed, chanting, counting my breaths- it is just not for me. Through trial and error, I discovered my own version of meditation. It comes in the form of a cup of tea, followed by a large glass of wine, and watching the world happen in front of me. I’ve had some of the most profound, “a-ha, why am I just getting this now” moments while staring at ocean waves letting them systematically break down my walls.

Since retiring from sport and beginning this beautiful chaos of a business with Brigett (co-founder of Wild Tea Kombucha), we preach one thing - choose, to run your own race.

Sometimes it is the “Eat Pray Love” you see in every home décor section. Or the “live” tattoos imprinted on our bodies. These visual reminders hopefully trigger mental reflection. Daily affirmations to push our limits, and be thankful for the experiences. They suggest for us to- be something more, do something more, and more importantly-  push yourself to feel something more. All the while knowing, you always have a choice.

There are a hundred things you should do. There are societal implications, cultural perceptions, manners of yester-yore to which I do not have, and boundaries I often blur. The choice you make is up to you. It will be a lifelong adventure of throwing shit against the wall to search for opportunities to improve.

Sport, business, love- it is all the same. You get what you give. Do not expect your loved one to make you feel special (wink wink), if you do not do the same. Angry about your place on a team?  Work harder, lift more weight, dial in your diet. Unhappy about work? Why are you frustrated? Are you part of the drama triangle, and are you accountable? How do you effectively communicate? Squeeze the sponge that is your potential, and with every drop, you will feel accomplished.

Accepting limitations, and trying to sharpen your skill set to remain competitive is a very hard thing to do. Jealousy strives from insecurity. A lack of confidence or feelings of being inadequate, and personally these are synergistic. How do you navigate through your problem? Ask for help- that is the first step. Staying on course, that is a lifelong battle.

You are going to have days where a situation or some asshole is going to make you feel like crap. You will feel helpless, confused, want to give up, and maybe shed a few tears if you are like me. Here are some tips that have personally helped make it to this point. First, take a moment and accept the situation. You are entitled to your feelings.  Make a list, call a friend, drink some gin, dance, watch mindless goat videos on YouTube. Do what you need to do to ground yourself.

Second, put down the fucking phone. We live in a culture of constantly comparing and distracting ourselves from being present. Check in with yourself. Are you working out? Being physically active? It is important to find activities you enjoy to promote your best physical well-being. A healthy foundation lays the groundwork for the rest of you to grow.

Third, think of the worse case scenario. Visualize and accept it. Make plans as to how you would react to it. Now move on. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You have resources and a team of people who support you. You are going to give 157 percent because what goes down, must go up.

Lastly, your mother was right, get your sleep.

Remember you always have a choice. That choice must not include what you “should do”, but what will build upon your story. Through strong physical, spiritual, mental foundations, the little daily reminder to get your Tennyson on, and “strive, to seek to find, and not to yield” will become easier.

Watching past teammates compete in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics is nostalgic. From hours in the gym to hours at the office, my life has evolved in a symbiotic fashion. The lessons of dedication and accountability with my athletic career have transferred into my professional life. I’ve discovered I am a complex, conscious human who is on a mission to create positive change. Being kind is an incredible trait that is remembered. Knowledge is power, so learn as much as you can about the things you find interesting. Having a true passion for something is fucking sexy. Forming bonds with special people can transform your life in a multitude of ways.

This last statement is something I continue to struggle with but can be incredibly freeing. Know that you are not defined by a job, sport, or a relationship. Those titles do not define you, they are something you do. How you choose to let them shape your life- that’s all, you baby. I wish you all of the success, whatever your definition of it is.

Go you. (and #TeamCanada)

Photos by Meraki Supply Co


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