MyNourish is YourNourish: by Jaralyn Monkman

to provide (someone or something) with food and other things that are needed to live and be healthy
personal, possessive to the individual
Meal planning, recipe and product idea support catered to the individual -
all free from certain ingredients- taking the ‘think’ out of it


I’m Jaralyn, and over 8 years ago I set out on a personal health journey. Discontent with how I felt most of the time I got curious- curious to explore what the impact would be in my life if I felt better. I made commitments to choose health in order to show up my best. One major shift for me came in the form of eliminating some staple ingredients from my diet. While most receive food restrictive news with an, “oh no…. what am I supposed to eat now, am I left only to eat bird seed?”, I took this more as a personal challenge of how could I live my best life, give my body the best chance and still enjoy the things I love. I believe we are made ready, we are capable and we have the internal resources to connect ourselves with what we need- and out of that MyNourish was born.

You see I’m an organizational guru, I love a plan, I read cookbooks for fun, I meal plan for my family (outlined on my chalkboard pantry door), I geek out on new recipes and dietary information and I love people. I want people to know and be known. I want them to feel inspired and empowered to make a change. I want them to know that they do not walk alone, and I want to connect with them.

Where are you at? Have you undergone a food sensitivity test? Red, Yellow, and Green. Elevated, Borderline and Normal. These are terms you understand. Are you asking, “now what?” My clients have meal plans customized to their results and their lifestyle. There is no more “now what”, it’s “let’s go!” For you, MyNourish is YourNourish.

Have you been recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease? Or maybe you have had another food sensitivity or intolerance for a long time and are looking for new food inspiration while still wanting to enjoy the things you once loved. There doesn’t need to be a ‘once upon a time’; I promise there is a new fairy tale that awaits. For you, MyNourish is YourNourish.

Are you a Mom always asking what’s for dinner and daily stepping into the kitchen to prepare food for your family as an expression of nourishment, provision and love- and yet stumped on what to make and tired of making the same things? For you, MyNourish is YourNourish.

Do you want to eat more veggies? In a world and culture with so many diets, food trends, scientific disagreement about certain foods and food sensitivities on the rise- one thing we can all agree on is eating more veg is always a good idea! I want my meal plans to be fun, colourful, nutrient dense and free from certain troublesome ingredients, so I play a lot with plant-based dishes and you’ll always see more veggies! If you are looking to make one small change, choose more veggies. For you, MyNourish is YourNourish.

While I’m not a nutritionist, dietician or other certified health consultants, I am a mom, I am a foodie, I live with a dietary restriction and I am committed to living my best life. To me, that means being aware of what my body needs and nourishing it accordingly, while not feeling like I’m living without. And you can too! I’m committed to connecting you to the amazing community of food creatives out there through meal plans, recipes and restaurant suggestions in #YYC and beyond--all contributing to you living your best, well-nourished life!

MyNourish is (Your Name)Nourish. Let’s do this!