My Inglewood by Rachel Antony

What's up Calgary, who's happy that it's Monday?! We sure are because we have a brand NEW blog from local blogger, Rachel Antony talking about her love for Inglewood. Inglewood is definitely the hot community to brag about, maybe because it's our newest community t-shirt! Rachel chats about her fave places to hit up in Inglewood and why its easy to spend all your afternoons cruisin' 9th Avenue. 

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All photos by Jesse Tamayo 

My Inglewood 

If I had to pick my go-to YYC spot right now, it would have to be Inglewood. There are so many things happening across the tracks that I can’t help but spend my days there; maybe it’s a case of FOMO, plus the need for a solid Instagram post. This post would be twenty pages long if I tried to fit every Inglewood spot in, and ain’t nobody got time for that, so I picked my absolute favourite places (it was hard to narrow it down) to share with you.

x Coffee x

Caffeine first, please. A café is always the first stop on the agenda, no matter what the occasion. Inglewood is sprinkled with amazing coffee spots to run into, or to settle down for the afternoon. Each space is unique, but all offer that cozy, welcoming atmosphere that Calgarian’s love in coffee shops.

I’m a coffee shop dweller, I like the atmosphere of people’s conversations and comings and goings as I get my work done. If there is coffee and wifi, I’ll be there. My go-to places are Gravity and Rosso as you probably could have guessed; they can get pretty busy but if I’m lucky I can snag a table by an outlet and sip on a latte (or three) for a whole morning.  

How do I get through the daily struggle of deciding which spot to haunt? Depends what I’m feeling. I head to Gravity if it’s closer to lunch and I know I can eat get my hands on their Curried Sweet Potato Soup. This is usually followed by a large non-fat latte. Rosso’s breakfast sandwich calls to me, and gets me in the door first thing in the morning. Paired with an Americano, I’m ready to tackle the day (and my inbox).

x Eats x

If you don’t know me, then you won’t know that my days revolve around food, new restaurants and indulging in YYC’s finest (spin is my counteract to my foodie obsession). What I love about Inglewood, and Calgary in general, is you get a good mix of classic restaurants that have been around forever and the fresh faces that are continually popping up.

Breakfast is my jam, any restaurant that will serve me eggs benny and pancakes you’re top notch in my books. When I’m in Inglewood, you can find me at Fine Diner. It’s a small and cozy space, with to-die-for food. They serve house made, baked, maple bacon and have six eggs benedicts to choose from, need I say more?

You can’t go wrong with pizza and Without Papers really hits the spot. I don’t discriminate between lunch and dinner (or somewhere in between) when it comes to pizza, and Without Papers is serving their pies at all hours of the day. It’s always hard to choose, but my fave is the The Prosecutor: pancetta, caramelized onions, arugula, and fresh mozzarella.

The new kid on the block, Cold Garden Beverage Company’s microbrewery is serving up their tasty beer over in the new 2,000 square foot space, complete with colourful pool noodles and gold chains for décor. Their beer is on tap at your fave hangouts across the city, but now you can experience the glory that is Cold Garden; get a brewery tour, drink some beer and enjoy the company of your beer-loving friends.

x Shopping x

In between meals, there is plenty to see in do along the streets of Inglewood. And a number of chic boutiques to take all your money. It doesn’t matter what your style is, there is a shop for you. If you’re looking for the prettiest, floral pieces Adorn Boutique is for you; country gals can head to Cody and Sioux; trendsetters looking for the latest and greatest should hit up Bamboo Ballroom; and if modern chic is more for you, Espy will take you through a lovely shopping experience.

If you haven’t put two and two together, it’s quite easy to spend a whole day wandering around Inglewood; eating, shopping and site seeing the historic community.



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