Mega Collab Run Down

Ok so there’s been some buzz around our mega collab, as we like to call it, from Insta stories and sneak preview pics and now we’re finally ready to tell you what’s been on the uppity up!

We love collaborating, you might be aware of this, if you haven’t we’ll tell you again…we love collaborating! So when we came across an opportunity to collaborate with five other companies we jumped at the opportunity and got our Insta story vid’s ready. Alright here’s who was included in the mega collab: Calgary Heritage Roasting Co, Local Drop, Meraki Supply Co, Creative Nobility and Janet Davie Photo…so much awesomeness in one place we couldn’t help but spam you guys with you sneak peak photos and videos.


Here’s a run down of the crews; let’s start from the beginning. First we've got Calgary Heritage Roasting Co (CHRC), I’m going to be honest with you YYC I definitely blushed a little, ok a lot. It’s not my fault because these two, Jamie & Mike, are far too easy on the eyes. CHRC specializes in coffee and coffee roasting, as well workshops to inform people on how to roast coffee with their coffee kits. Jamie and Mike are passionate about what they do and work to meticulously marry fresh and fragrant coffee with the urge to explore. The company found its inspiration over a percolated cup of coffee on a backpacking trip one morning in the rolling hills of Alberta. I mean who doesn't like coffee and the mountains - am I right?! Jamie and Mike were a blast to collaborate with, plus we got to sample the CHRC toques and boy are those cozy! 


Next we've got Local Drop. Local Drop is one of Calgary's newest magazines, made from the highly motivated and passionate students of SAIT University. Funny enough Local Drop is doing a feature article about CHRC for their next issue looking to drop in October, so keep an eye out for that! Local Drop has four issues every year, as well as maintains an up to date and informative online edition of the magazine. Will and Christina got in the action during the collaboration by striking a pose in photos, taking pictures of their own and got themselves ready for the next edition of Local Drop, which is scheduled to hit the streets of YYC come October! 


Meraki Supply Co came to represent as well. Meraki Supply Co hails from Kensington in Calgary and has dedicated itself to living life on its own terms. Meraki states it knows that quality will always trump quantity and that only experience brings wisdom. Meraki is for the rugged at heart and the adventurous spirit. Meraki was founded at the gateway of the Canadian Rockies in Calgary, AB, and has never stopped providing a community for makers, photographers and the outdoor enthusiasts! 


Psst! For all those peeps wondering where you can pick up our swag, hit up Meraki in Kensington, along with a ton of other amazing gear from other companies, like CHRC – those guys are everywhere! 

Kathleen and Rebecca from Creative Nobility came to rep the brand new designs for our Bankview community shirts. The newest Bankview community t-shirt came straight from the mind of Creative Nobility owner, Rebecca Frederick. Creative Nobility is a graphic design agency specializing in branding and website development!


We’ve been working with Creative Nobility on another project, soon to be announced shortly – keep your ears open for that! The two ladies, along with their friends, Nicole Little and Lindsey Brown, struck multiple poses and showed off their serious...who are we kidding their goofy faces all Sunday morning. I've come to realize I can get 1 serious face out of about 100 goofy faces. Model life is tough - I should probably just stick to blogging! 


To capture all the entertaining antics of the crew was the talented Janet Davie. Janet specializes in portraiture and manipulates the light in her photos to make for a very moody and sultry portrait. Janet was amazing at capturing the high energy of everyone that was involved throughout the day. Street photography became Janet’s first growing interest, as well as travel photography. Janet found herself taking photos of anything and everything. Specializing in portraiture but having a keen eye for everything around her, Janet truly knows how to capture the essence of the person or object in every photo she takes. 


We’ve got guest blogs on the way from CHRC to tell you a little bit more about what they do and their take on community. Joining them on contributing a guest blog will be Chelsea from Meraki Supply Co. The Local Laundry blog is going to be chalk full of hot info from lots of local businesses giving us their take on community and life in the Calgary scene!


The mega collaboration was truly a day to remember. Being surrounded by many passionate and driven entrepreneurs made for an uplifting and inspirational day and we can't wait for the next collaboration! That's it for us YYC catch you next Monday - stay collaborative ;) 


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All photos done by Janet Davie Photo