Meet our Social Media Coordinator: Briare Crawford

Tonight we are introducing our social media coordinator! This is a very special introduction, as this little miss is one of my besties and has truly enhanced the brand of Local Laundry when she came on board to handle our social media channels. Scheduling, hashtagging and creeping social media accounts for nearly four months, this little firecracker has been a huge asset to Local Laundry and we are excited to share her story with you now! So without further ado let me introduce to you one of my favourite people, Briare Crawford. 



My name is Briare. I may not be a true born-and-raised Calgarian, but I basically should be. I love the outdoors, I love the mountains, traveling, wine and all the stuff you’d probably expect a basic 27-year old white girl to say.

My radio is always set to a country music station; I think that I am a country girl especially when I’m driving down McLeod trail listening to my favourite Luke Bryan song, singing about honkey tonks and pick-up trucks. When Stampede comes – oh man, you better believe that is my time to shine! I have my plaid shirt ready, my big shiny belt bucket polished and my cowboy boots rearing to go.

Truth is, I am a true city slickaaaa. I was raised in south Calgary then moved to even more southern Calgary. I spend more time indoors then outdoors and I get annoyed when I have a bad internet connection.

I am a social media junkie. I know and follow all of the big Calgary social media influencers. You think I haven’t seen your Instagram account? I have. ;) I am a master creep of social media and I am the girl behind all the Local Laundry Instagram posts ☺

As an almost graduate to the public relations program at Mount Royal University, I was looking for some sort of creative outlet to really get those juices flowing. A passion project so to speak. Something that I didn’t have to submit for grading – something fun: enter Local Laundry.

My best friend, Kathleen – Local Laundry Blogger extraordinaire – told me about this company that she was interested in working with. She loved the mantra of the company: local, community, and charity. She loved the idea that a company worked with the community to give back to the community. It didn’t take long for her to tell Connor and Dustin (Co Owners of Local Laundry) that I should be working for them, then for her to start spear-heading some awesome collaborations with other local #YYC businesses.

When she approached me and informed me that Local Laundry was looking for someone to take over their social media accounts, I knew this was something I could really get on board with – plus, I loved the YYC apparel.

Since taking on the role of (self-defined) Social Media Coordinator at Local Laundry, my love for the city has grown tenfold. Having lived in Calgary most my life, I think I got accustomed to all of the city’s beauty and really stopped seeing it, you know what I mean? You know when you go somewhere for the first time and notice all the cool things about that city? The culture, the people, the art? Well, being reintroduced to the concept of community and local, I started looking at Calgary in a whole new light. Local Laundry opened my eyes to reinvesting in a community that I know and love so well.

Community to me means a group of individuals who are working together to achieve a common goal. Calgary exemplifies this definition. Calgarians, despite their differences, illuminate community and stewardship. Look at the 2013 floods for example. Everyone is always willing to help a friend or a neighbour. Calgary is a city that lives and breathes “six degrees of separation.” Everyone knows everyone and I can guarantee you have met someone who you knew from work, who was friends with your roommate’s cousin. Or, that lovely girl who works at the desk at the gym, she is your Dad’s boss’s daughter. “What a “small world” we have all said on more than one occasion.  Calgary truly does have that small-town feel, and I love it.  

Local to me means supporting your community. Local Laundry does this every day. It is a company that loves working and supporting its community in any way possible. It means that you support your competition and somehow collaborate or work together to create something better. Something beautiful. This is why local, supporting local and shopping local is something that I respect most about working with Local Laundry.

Local Laundry encourages communities to support local causes that matter to Calgarians. Essentially, everyone is working to achieve some sort of common goal, so as members of the community, we should support them!

Local Laundry has restored my love in the city. It has given me the opportunity to see all of Calgary’s beauty again through a new light. I have been to more cool little coffee shops or sights around Calgary (and Alberta) in the last few months then I have in the last few years. I am proud to be a part of a company that helps build and promote our city and our neighbourhoods because I am proud of where I come from.  

Anyways, I’m over word count and I’m sure you’re sick of reading this. Follow along with me on Insta @Briiiare. I swear, I really plan on making my feed more interesting at some point.

Love love love,





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