March 06, 2017 2 min read

Tonight's guest blog comes from our 17th Ave's MARKET and owner Vanessa Salopek! MARKET is located in the heart of Calgary's red mile and brings offers up delicious dishes and signature homemade products. Woven throughout restaurant is Vanessa's love for YYC! MARKET incorporates local farmers, artists, musicians and businesses that Vanessa has loved so much!

We hope you read through the blog, and then stop in for some tasty eat's at MARKET once your done! Read & enjoy!

Photo by Janet Davie

MARKET is an award-winning restaurant in the heart of 17th Avenue of Calgary. MARKET is locally and nationally recognized as a farm-to-table restaurant with an emphasis on homemade ingredients and supporting local farmers, business and community.  MARKET's philosophy is to cook in harmony with the changing seasons and to home make as many ingredients as possible from scratch. For those items not made internally they look to their neighbouring farmers and suppliers for quality ingredients.

Photo byJanet Davie


Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, I’ve grown up appreciating everything about this lovely city.  Calgary has so much to offer for inspiration, so when I set out to open MARKET back in 2013, I really wanted to showcase everything I loved about this city. It was really important to me to support local farmers, artists, musicians, businesses and give back to the community that I loved so much. MARKET has partnered with local artists to create the design of the restaurant and art murals you see along the bar. We feature a variety of local musicians every Thursday for our live music nights, and we proudly use local farmers, breweries, and distilleries on our menus.  

Photo byJanet Davie

Growing up, I spent many summers out East on my Grandpa’s cattle farm. It was here that I developed a strong respect and appreciation for sustainable living and farm live.  MARKET brings together community and an appreciation for quality ingredients while truly emphasizing a scratch cooking approach. We home make as many ingredients as possible to truly take full control of the quality of our dishes. We home make all our sauces, pasta, syrups, breads, nose-to-tail butchery and even grow our own micro-greens and vegetables year round using our internal home garden, the urban cultivator.  

Photo byJanet Davie

You won’t see any Coca-Cola or Pepsi products behind our bar as we make all our soda syrups from scratch. Just recently MARKET opened up a retail booth at the Calgary Farmers Market to sell our signature homemade products including sauces, syrups, chocolate bonbons, and other treats. We truly take scratch cooking to the next level and if you have a chance to visit MARKET you will see the inspirations of Calgary and its local roots.

Photo byJanet Davie


Back to Kathleen here! If you are someone you know would like to be a guest blogger on our blog drop us a line! Chat at chaaa next week Calgary - stay local! 

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