Mallory Chapman - Studio Revolution

Last week we got to catch up with @mchap12 and @tchap12 from@yycstudiorevolution and we asked Mal to take part in our #WHYYC campaign and this is what she had to say about #YYC"Calgary is a hub for creatives. Calgary incubates some of the best ideas, places, and people I’ve ever come across. My husband and I have explored a lot of wonderful places on this planet and I’m happy to call this amazing city my home. Living an active healthy lifestyle but also loving to indulge in beautiful food, coffee and wine I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. WHY wouldn’t I love Calgary….. The very place that welcomed me from out of Province and fostered my curious entrepreneurial spirit which enabled me to open the business of my dreams." With all this lovely weather we are having, maybe some surfboard workouts are what we need. Photo cred to @worth_y